50 Ball Bingo


50 Ball Bingo Game50 ball bingo is a great alternative to playing 90-ball and 75-ball bingo. The main platform which has 50 ball bingo is Virtue Fusion, they have designed a variety of different types of 50 ball bingo games, with various themes, ticket prices and jackpots so that the bingo sites which host the game have their own unique version.

For example, Sky Bingo has an Enchanted theme with forest creatures, whereas Mecca Bingo version has balloon animals that you pop!

Another platform for where you can play 50 ball bingo is Tombola. They were the first bingo site with the 50 ball bingo game.

Online Bingo Sites with 50 Ball Bingo

Latest list of UK bingo sites for where you can play 50 Ball Bingo online and on mobile.

  1. Mecca Bingo with 50 Ball Bingo

    Welcome Offer: £40 Welcome Bonus

    T&Cs Apply.

    Virtue Fusion

  1. William Hill Bingo with 50 Ball Bingo

    Bingo Bowl

    William Hill Bingo Bowl 50 ball has a bespoke bowling Kingpin theme with each ticket comprising of 10 bowling pins positions in a triangle with 10 random numbers displayed on each pin.

    The game has 3 prizes - House prize, Lucky Strike Jackpot and a Kingpin Jackpot. The first player to have all bowling pins removed from their ticket wins the Full House prize. (There is no 1 line prize in this variant).

    The Lucky Strike Jackpot is won when the full house winner removes all numbers from their ticket in the required number of balls. In addition to Lucky Strike is the Kingpin Jackpot.

    Welcome Offer: £40 Welcome Bonus

    T&Cs Apply.

    Virtue Fusion

  1. Sky Bingo with 50 Ball Bingo

    Mystical Bingo

    Mystical Bingo launched in 2016 with a unique enchanted theme. The bingo ticket has a Mystical style with 2 rows of 5 numbered lit up fireflies which go out once the corresponding number is drawn.

    The game utilises the multi-stake feature with ticket prices starting at 25p. Players can only purchase 1 ticket at a time making it fair for all.

    Room times vary for games, so you would need to check Sky's schedule before playing.

    The Mystical Bingo progressive jackpot is a 50/50 community pot.

    Welcome Offer: £50 Welcome Bonus

    T&Cs Apply.

    Virtue Fusion

  1. Gala Bingo with 50 Ball Bingo

    Welcome Offer: £30 Welcome Bonus

    T&Cs Apply.

How to Play 50 Ball Bingo Online

bingo sites which have 50 Ball Bingo GameFor most bingo sites 50 Ball bingo has the same rules for play.


You have the chance to win two prizes on your ticket:

  • One Line – Get a horizontal line of five numbers before anybody else.
  • Full House – Be the first to fill your ticket for that main prize.

Prizes do depend on the price that you have paid for your ticket and how many active players are in the game.


The Jackpot differs between bingo sites, for example, Gala Bingo 50 ball is solely won by the Full House winner whereas on some other sites the jackpots are split 50/50 between the winner and the community of players in the game.