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Rainbow Riches slots from Barcrest which is owned by IGT is a name that potentially resonates with many pub frequenters up and down the British Isles.

The 20 line graphical pleasing interactive brother of the oh-to-familiar cumbersome, coin-guzzling“Rainbow Riches pub fruit machine has fast become one of the most popular video slots on UK bingo sites.

Favoured by seasoned pros and newcomers alike, Rainbow Riches slot is no doubt as much informed by its excellent graphics, high payout rate, exciting bonus rounds and unique features.

Bingo Sites with Rainbow Riches Slots

Latest list of UK bingo sites for where you can play Rainbow Riches slot game online and on mobile.

How to Play Rainbow Riches Slots Online

Rainbow Riches has a typical Irish theme with symbols featuring (slightly manic looking) Leprechauns, large pots of gold and rainbows, a vaguely Celtic bordering to the game machine and a giant rainbow just to hammer home the title that little bit more. It’s a bright, simple looking slot game that’s easy to navigate and play.

Rainbow Riches is set up like the vast majority of video slot games, offering players a full 5 reels with up to potentially 20 paylines per spin.

On each of the 20 payline you can easily increase or decrease the size of your stakes from 0.01 right up to 20.00 on each line by simply using the stake/line -/+ buttons. On top of this you’re also able to use the lines -/+ button to decrease and increase the number of lines you’d like to play.

The combination of extreme flexibility of the games initial set up and a more than very appealing jackpot reaching over £200,000.

As well as all the standard winning combinations available, (a jackpot of 500 coins can be won by lining up 5 gold leprechaun coins) the game also features various unique iconography to enhance gameplay via several bonus rounds.

Bonus Rounds and Features

Rainbow Riches main play feature is the presence of three distinct bonus rounds accessible via the various special symbols littering the reels, and it’s in these bonus rounds that players can really increase their chances at striking it lucky and winning big.

If you’re lucky enough to find three or more Leprechauns gurning back out at you across any pay lines, you’ll be whisked away to play the “Road to Riches” bonus game, with the extended potential to land some serious multipliers to jack up your current winnings tenfold.

“The Road to Riches” bonus round features a golden path heading upwards towards that mouthwatering pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. A leprechaun manning a wheel of fortune style wheel at the bottom of the road spins said wheel and you move further up the path (littered with ever increasing multipliers) until either you hit the maximum prize available or the wheel stops on one of two “collect” segments.

Landing three or more of the wishing well symbol grants you access to the (rather aptly named) “Wishing Well” bonus game, which also involves the opportunity to strike some big money through the form of multipliers.

Finally, if you find three of the pot of gold symbol lined up all neatly across the middle payline, well, you’re one lucky so-and-so that has just been granted access to the “Pots of Gold” bonus game.

The “Pot of Gold” bonus game is a wheel of fortune style affair. Our ever present and ever jolly little leprechaun buddy is surrounded by a wheel constructed from bronze, silver and gold pots, it rotates around him, and you’re awarded a score multiplier based around which pot lands at his constantly jigging feet.

What Rainbow Riches slots lack in flashy effects and visuals it more than makes up for by offering the slot-fanatic a host of features to expand it above and behind the competition in this increasingly saturated field.

The game also features a nifty auto spin function, this means that if you want minimal interaction with the slot, you can set a desired numbers of spins and let it churn away in the background until the game hits something that requires your interaction (e.g. a bonus game).


5 Reels, 20 Lines, 3 Bonus Games, Wilds, Stacked Symbols. Autospin


Return To Player (RTP): 95.0%


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