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Make like Alice and enter a magical world of mysterious white rabbits and enchanted cakes – and progressive jackpots.

The 100 payline Wonderland slot from Gamesys does its best to cast a spell over us gamers with its dreamy Alice in Wonderland animations, numerous bonus rounds and the chance to win some serious cash.

As soon as you launch the Wonderland slot you are left in no doubt – this is fairyland! Magical, tinkly tunes, floating petals, spotted mushrooms, enticing cupcakes and grinning Cheshire Cats are all here. Beautiful graphics and lovely animations make this a pretty slot to play right from the start.

Bingo Sites with Wonderland Slots

Latest list of UK bingo sites for where you can play Wonderland slot game online and on mobile.

How to Play Wonderland Slots Online

Wonderland is a multi-line slot, meaning there are up to 100 paylines. These come in 25-line bundles, so make sure you know how many lines you have selected.

Because your stake is multiplied by the number of lines, you can bet between 25p per spin (covering 25 paylines), £1 per spin to cover all the paylines, right up to a maximum £2 coin size – or an eye-watering £20 per spin to cover all the paylines. The bigger your coin, the bigger your winnings – and it increases your chance of winning the progressive.

There are various ways to win the progressive jackpot. In the bonus games, paint all the roses red before the Queen appears; turn over the Joker card; find five croquet hedgehogs with gold stars on their tummies; or pick the cake with the progressive coin in it at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

Bonus Games and Features

There are four bonus rounds in Wonderland, and they are some of the most imaginative I have seen. Spin three of more ‘Drink Me’ bonus symbols and then choose which secret door you want to Alice to go through.

Croquet Bonus Game

This is a pretty weird one. Decide if you want to be Alice or the Red Queen, grab a flamingo and whack a hedgehog through croquet hoops made from playing cards. Basically, click on a hoop and hope your hedgehog gets through before your opponent. Each hoop has a different cash prize, and if you win one you get to free some hedgehogs from a cage for an extra bonus prize.

Mad Tea Party

Just click on the rattling teapots to reveal your reward, and try not to wake the sleepy Dormouse – when he peeks his head out of a pot the round ends. That is when you get to choose a tasty cake - with a multiplier inside it.

Painting The Roses

The Red Queen hates white roses – so the gardeners are painting them red. Help them out by clicking on the white roses to turn them red – but the sneaky Queen is hiding in the rose bush, and if you click on her, the round ends. Each rose you turn red gets you a cash prize.

The Queen’s Court

This is a fun variation on that old favourite, high-low. The soldier cards are shuffling themselves – you choose the next card, and if it is higher than the previous one you win a cash prize. The Red Queen is hidden in the pack, though – come upon her and all the fun is over.


100 Paylines, 5 Reels, 4 Bonus Rounds, Wild Symbol


Wonderland Slots has a Return To Player (RTP): 92.89%


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