Slingo Boom


Slingo Boom Slingo Boom is a multiplayer game extravaganza! A cross between classic Slingo and traditional 75-ball bingo but with the added excitement of playing against other players!

Your game begins with a 5x5 grid of numbers presented with a bright display of visuals complimented with a retro style soundtrack that plays in the background as you spin the Slingo balls.

To get the Slingo Boom party started all you have to do is buy a ticket, select a room and get slingo-ing for a full house!

Online Bingo Sites with Slingo Boom

Latest list of UK Slingo sites for where you can play Slingo Boom online and on mobile.

How to Play Slingo Boom Online

Play Slingo Boom Online and Mobile

Slingo Boom plays the same way as any other Slingo game, except now this is a multiplayer game which has a very similar look and feel to a game of 75 ball bingo!

The reel spins out automatically and if any of the numbers match your ticket they will be marked off. The aim of Slingo Boom is to mark off as numbers as possible to create a Slingo which consists of one line, two line or full house win. The FH winner will take home a huge 50% of the prize pool.

Jokers, Super Jokers and Devils

Jokers are the key to landing the big cash. When a Joker symbol appears on your reels, it'll land on the column above to help create a Slingo. Super Jokers can land randomly on your grid and possibly give you, even more, chances to create a Slingo. Watch out for the Devil Symbols as these can block your chances of hitting a Slingo!


At the top of your grid, you'll find useful information such as Slingo room name, the number of players in the game, total prize, your stake and the spin number.

As you play, you can use the buttons at the bottom of your grid to CHAT, DEPOSIT or play mini GAMES – these do exactly what they say on the tin and work to really make Slingo Boom feel like a truly communal, interactive experience.

Slingo Boom Rooms

Currently, Slingo Boom has two rooms Party and Star. The Party Room has lower cost tickets so your money will always stretch that little bit further while Star might have a slightly larger ticket price but a bigger full house prize.

Slingo Boom for FREE!

For a limited time every 15 minutes between 8am - 8pm the Party Room is the place to play Free Slingo Boom. T&Cs apply.

Return to Player

Prizes are allocated to the first player or players who complete the line configuration or pattern that is in play. The likelihood of winning depends on the number of participants. The rate varies across different games within the range 0%-50%.