Slingo Extreme


Slingo ExtremeLike your games fast and furious?! Then you need to check out the red hot, single-player fast-paced Slingo Extreme!

Just like classic Slingo, Slingo Extra combines all the best parts of pattern bingo with slots but much faster plus the game has a sizzling £50,000 top prize up for grabs!

Online Bingo Sites with Slingo Extreme

Latest list of UK Slingo sites for where you can play Slingo Extreme online and on mobile.

How to Play Slingo Extreme Online

Play Slingo Extreme Online and Mobile

Slingo Extreme plays the same as all the other single player Slingo games except this game has a much quicker pace.

The game begins with a 5x5 grid of numbers (this is your Slingo Extreme ticket). To begin your game choose your stake and click the green Spin button.

Within each game you get 11 spins, every spin displays 5 numbers at the bottom of the screen, when one of those numbers matches a number on your ticket it will be marked off.

Mark off 5 numbers horizontally, vertically or diagonally to create a Slingo. Your aim is to get as many Slingos as possible for the prize shown on the left-hand-side of the screen.

Jokers, Super Jokers and Devils

Keep an eye out for Jokers, Devils, Super Joker Wilds and other symbols within the game. Land a Joker and you get to mark off any number in the column above it. Land a Super Joker and you can mark off any number on the whole grid. Land 3 or more Jokers / Super Jokers or a coin symbol for an instant cash prize. Look out for the Devils as they will block potential number matches.

Free Spins

If you land a free spin symbol, you can play the free spin after your initial 11 spins. Depending on how many free spins are collected, you'll get the chance to purchase up to 4 EXTRA spins (minus 1 for every free spin you win in the game). Hopefully, this will complete your Slingo Extreme adventure, taking you to the red hot Full House win and the £50,000 jackpot!

Free Slingo Games

From time to time players may be awarded free games to play on Slingo Extreme. Keep checking promotions for alerts for Free Slingo Games.

Return to Player:

Based on the best Strategy Slingo Extreme has a theoretical RTP of 92%.