Slingo Shuffle Roulette


Slingo RouletteLooking to play something with a similar style to Tombola Roulette? then Slingo Shuffle Roulette could be the game for you! This single player game takes the best parts of Roulette and combines it with cards to create Slingo Roulette!

Forget everything you thought you knew about Classic Slingo as the gameplay for Slingo Roulette is completely different but it is just as easy to play.

Online Bingo Sites with Slingo Shuffle Roulette

Latest list of UK Slingo sites for where you can play Slingo Shuffle Roulette online and on mobile.

How to Play Slingo Shuffle Roulette Online

Play Slingo Shuffle Roulette Online and Mobile

The game begins with a Roulette style table but instead of numbers it has a mixture of Red and Black Heart, Ace, Spaces and Club playing cards from Ace to 7.

Just like Roulette, choose your chip bet amount from 5p to a high rolling £100 and place as many chips as you wish to play on either the playing card symbols, red / black or devils first card area. If you wish to place a side bet place a chip on the Poker circle.

When you are ready to place your bet hit the green Deal button.

You'll then be presented with a screen with playing cards. 34 playing cards will scroll through and if they match your bets you'll win a prize.

Jokers in the Pack

Watch out for the Jokers in the Pack. Slingo Shuffle Roulette has Red and Green Devil and Cherub Cards. Land this card and you will have to choose a Cherub card from a series of 10 cards to carry on with the game. There are 9 Cherubs so your odds are in your favour, however if you are unlucky and pick a Red Devil card then you will have to purchase additional cards to continue with the game or collect any winnings and end the game.

Poker Side Bet

If you have placed a Poker side bet you'll win an additional prize for a Royal Flush in 5 consecutive cards in any order.

Start Low

Slingo Roulette can be a little confusing at first but after a few games it is as simple to play as other Slingo games. Because it is different from any game that you may have played before, it is perhaps best to stake low until you get the hang of the game.