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Use of the website

Use of the website is legally binding to the terms stipulated here, which are effective immediately. Users who do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions are asked to refrain from accessing and using the website.

Glitzy Bingo reserves the right to change any of the terms below at any time, with the obligation to inform the users of these changes online or by any other means necessary. Users are asked to review the current page regularly and to take note of said changes.

Continued use of the website after said changes take effect is the equivalent of the user's acceptance to be legally bound by the amended terms and conditions.

You, the user, may not use the content of this website without prior consent from Glitzy Bingo unless it is strictly for domestic or private purposes including copying, publishing, broadcasting, downloading, sending or in any other way making any or all of the content available here accessible to the public.

You hereby agree to use the website exclusively for lawful purposes and by means which do not restrict or infringe upon anyone else's rights to use

Any behaviour which is seen to inconvenience or distress any person, conveying offensive content which disrupts communication with Glitzy Bingo, is strictly prohibited. is intended to be accessed or used by users in the UK only unless stated otherwise on It is your responsibility to check that you are located in a Jurisdiction in which registration and/or playing any of the games on the sites listed on is lawful.

Glitzy Bingo is not liable Under any circumstance for any financial losses that may occur from any user UK or Non-UK signing up / playing on the advertised third party gambling sites via

Limitation of Liability and Legal Disclaimers

The content available on is provided in its entirety without any warranty being made to the user, either express or legally implied, regarding quality, compatibility, suitability, accuracy or security. This includes all the information available here, the logos, pictures or names which relate to the website.

Glitzy Bingo is not, under any circumstance, liable for any of these known, anticipated, or otherwise losses: a) the loss of partial or total data, b) the loss of any existing or anticipated revenue or profit, c) the loss of custom or business, d) any damage to social standing, reputation or goodwill, e) opportunity loss , f) the losses suffered or damaged caused to third parties, g) the indirect losses incurred due to use of this website.

Glitzy Bingo is unable to guarantee complete and error-free functionality of its website at all times, or that any of the signalled defects or errors will be corrected, as it is unable to warrant that its website and its server(s) are entirely bug or virus-free.

Glitzy Bingo will not accept any form of liability arising from omissions or inaccuracies in the content available on the website.

Underage Gambling

It is an offence to participate in gambling activities if a player is under 18 years of age. Glitzy Bingo takes no responsibility for any underage gambling activity in result of visiting and / or joining a gambling site via

Intellectual Property

Any trademark, copyright or patent featured on this website and any of the artwork and visual content available on this website, along with information about this material is the property of Glitzy Bingo.

All of the elements identifying the website or third parties, along with any of their services and products, including logos, images and names are subject to trademarks, design rights and copyright of said parties.

These terms by no means confer, by estoppels, implication or outright stipulation, any right, permission or licence to use any of the intellectual property mentioned in this section and belonging to either Glitzy Bingo or any third parties.


In any such case as Glitzy Bingo invites you to submit a contribution to the website, be it text, audio, video, graphical or photographic information, you hereby agree that upon submission, you grant the permanent, non-exclusive, royalty-free and sub-licensable permission, license and right to use, adapt, translate, reproduce, publish, distribute, make available to its public and derive work from, as well as exercise all publicity rights and copyright upon said contribution, presently and in the future, and in accordance with the privacy terms and restrictions outlined in the Privacy Policy. Should you wish to deny Glitzy Bingo of the above-mentioned rights, please refrain from submitting your contribution to the website.

In addition to the terms and conditions set out in section Contributions upon submitting your contribution, you warrant that the content of this contribution is yours, that it is original, that it not offensive or defamatory, that it does not infringe upon any law, that you have the legal right to make it available to the website, and that you agree to waive any associated moral rights upon its submission and publication. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify Glitzy Bingo, its representatives, employees or agents against any expenses due to damages or any losses, as well as legal fees incurred by the company in the case of any breach on your part of this warranty.

You may not submit any form of material on the website which could in any way encourage criminal activity or conduct, or which could give rise to any form of liability, civil or otherwise. Additionally, you are strictly prohibited from promoting an entity, placing an advertisement or making any type of commercial solicitation on the website.

Third Party Offers, Promotions and Services

The third party offers, services and promotions offered by affiliates, partners or linking websites are beyond our control. We do not necessarily hold any form of contact or relationship with any of the third parties featured on our website. We are therefore unable to grant any sort of financial reimbursement or compensation for the damages incurred or the money lost as a result of these external offers. The responsibility for any services, promotions and offers provided by the said parties belongs exclusively to them.

All offers and promotions advertised on Glitzy Bingo are subject to change and subject to the individual sites' terms and conditions. Wagering requirements may apply. It is the player's responsibility to read each individual sites terms and conditions and wagering requirements before signing up with each individual site.

Privacy and Cookies

Glitzy Bingo respects your privacy. The information that you provide us with, or is gathered automatically which helps Glitzy Bingo and third parties to monitor the service provided and provide you with the services that you have requested.

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