The Best 36 Ball Bingo on Bingo Sites

✨ The Best 36 Ball Bingo on Bingo Sites

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If you love the thrill of fast-paced bingo, 36 Ball Bingo is the ideal game. This exciting version of bingo is available to play on the popular Playtech Bingo network as Cash Cubes Bingo and the Entain Bingo Network as Fluffy Favourites Bingo 36, other games have been and gone, such as Bouncy Balls Bingo, but we expect more to come along as new games are launched.

36 Ball Bingo Games on Bingo Sites

While we wait for the new 36 Ball Bingo Games to launch onto our bingo screens and handheld devices, you can still experience this game with all its assortment of themes and gameplay styles with some of the best online bingo sites in the UK. Some popular 36 Ball games on bingo sites include:

Winning Headlines: Available to play on Sun Bingo Sister Sites, step into the headlines and play this news-themed bingo game with impressive jackpots.

Fluffy Favourites Bingo 36: Entains popular bingo game based on your favourite fluffy characters from the slot game with the same name. This bingo game is available on all Foxy Bingo sister sites.

Bingo Blast: This 36-Ball Bingo variant is exclusive to Buzz Bingo, with no other sites having this game.

How To Play 36 Ball Bingo on Bingo Sites

As you can see, there are not many games out with this format yet, but as this is a fairly new concept to the ever-changing bingo world, we expect newly created themes based on 36 Ball bingo in the near future. In the meantime, here are some basic rules of the game.

I won't go into too many specifics for this game as the rules differ depending on the theme of the game but for the basics of 36-ball bingo, the rules are very much the same as your usual bingo games, such as 90-ball or 80-ball where the aim of the game is to mark off numbers on your bingo ticket from the numbers called to complete lines and a house for a cash prize.

The games are usually fast-paced, so while you have the option to mark off your tickets yourself, it's more relaxing with a cuppa as you watch your numbers come in.

If you are the type of player that likes a fair game, then 36 Ball is ideal; most of the bingo sites with the game only allow a one-ticket limit; what this means is that everyone can only have one ticket per bingo session. These usually cost from as low as 10p to £1. The more you bet, the bigger the prize.

Like with most bingo games, 36 Ball also offers you the chance to win a Jackpot; the prize pot will be displayed in the room and will detail how to win it, such as the number of calls needed when calling the house for the JP.

Where To Play 36 Ball Bingo

If you are looking to play 36 Ball Bingo, then take a look at each game above to drill down into the game and the sites where you can play that specific game. You can usually play 36 Ball Bingo on Bingo Sites, which are on the Playtech and Entain bingo platforms, keep an eye on these networks as something new might pop up at any time!

What Other Games are like 36 Ball Bingo?

Sometimes playing with 90 and 75 bingo balls can get a little same-old; if you want to play something similar to 36 Ball that isn't the usually traditional classics, take a look at 50 Ball Bingo and 40 Ball Bingo which also come in a multitude of themes and are faster paced.