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40-ball bingo is a fast-paced and exciting online variation of the classic 90-ball bingo game. Since its creation, it has become very popular among UK online bingo players who enjoy its colourful graphics, engaging features and frequent wins.

The History of 40 Ball Bingo

Bingo has many variations depending on the number of balls used in the game. The most familiar ones are 90-ball, 75-ball, and 80-ball bingo. These games have different card layouts, number ranges and winning patterns. They also have different speeds and durations, themes and features, and balls called.

In 2015 Playtech introduced a new bingo variation on their Virtue Fusion Bingo network. This variation, called 40-ball bingo, was launched, themed on the popular Rainbow Riches slot game. Known as Rainbow Riches Bingo, the game uses the same theme and graphics as the slot classic, featuring leprechauns, pots of gold, rainbows and other Irish symbols. Playtech also decided to use only 40 balls in the game, making it faster and more exciting than the more traditional bingo games. The game was an instant hit among online bingo players who loved its colourful design, engaging features and frequent wins.

Since its launch, 40 ball bingo on bingo sites has become one of the most popular styles, rivalling the more traditional classics.

How to Play 40 Ball Bingo

40 Ball Bingo is a fairly new concept, so you will find fewer game variants now, but we expect more to land in Virtual Bingo halls soon; just watch this space.

To play 40 Ball Bingo on bingo sites, the rules are simple and easy to follow. It is important to point out that most 40 ball games are themed, and some games may differ, but the basics are as follows:

Step 1: Find a bingo site with 40 Ball - Choose your site from any game listed on this page.

Step 2: Buy Tickets - You need to buy one or more bingo cards for the game; ticket limits are set out in the bingo rooms. Each card has eight numbers on it, split into two halves of four numbers each. The numbers are arranged in four columns, each containing numbers from a specific range. For example, the first column can have two numbers from 1 to 10; the second column can have any two numbers from 11 to 20, and so on. The numbers in each column are always in ascending order.

Step 3: Start your Session - Next, you need to wait for the game to start. The caller will randomly draw numbers from 1 to 40 and announce them. You need to mark off the matching numbers on your cards as they are called.

Step 4: Be the First to Win - The first player to mark off all four numbers on one half of their card wins a prize for one line. The first player to mark off all eight numbers on their card wins a bigger prize for a full house. Some games also have a prize for marking off four numbers on a specific shape, such as a clover or a diamond.

Some games also have special features and jackpots that can award extra prizes to lucky players. For example, in Rainbow Riches bingo, two gold bonus balls can award extra cash prizes to players who have them on their cards. A progressive jackpot can be won by getting a full house in a certain number of calls or less. Another feature is the Wishing Well, where players can choose a lucky number and collect coins every time it is drawn. If they collect 100 coins, they get a bonus.

Examples of 40-ball bingo games

Only a small number of 40-ball bingo variations are available to play online. The most popular include:

Rainbow Riches: This is the original 40-ball variation of the classic bingo game that is inspired by the popular slot game of the same name. This Playtech Bingo game is fast-paced and fun, offering two prizes for one line and a full house, as well as special features and jackpots. Keep an eye out for the Wishing Well Jackpot because you could get a £5 Bonus as soon as you collect 40 Coins. Coins are collected when your assigned lucky number is called during the game.

Day at the Races: This is a fairly new 40 Ball Bingo game variation exclusive to William Hill Bingo. It features a horse racing theme. Day of the Races Bingo is fast-paced and fun, and it offers two prizes for one line and a full house, as well as a jackpot feature that can award extra cash prizes to lucky players.

Similar Bingo Styles?

If you are looking for a similar bingo style, why not try your luck with 36 Ball and 50 Ball Bingo, which are two other fast-paced games?

Bingo sites with 40 Ball Bingo

Some of the most popular UK bingo sites to play 40-ball bingo include Buzz Bingo, Sun Bungo and Mecca Bingo Sister Sites.