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80 Balls Bingo on online bingo sites captures the thrills of the UK's traditional bingo halls. The game traces its origin to the bustling UK bingo halls and has seamlessly transitioned into our favourite UK bingo sites. The captivating 80 ball style has solidified its place in the bingo world, providing players with enthralling gameplay and chances of winning incredible prizes.

The game, known as 'Shutterboard' because it was played on a two-colour shut and closed board, now uses interactive elements to engage players. Its name originated from the interactive ritual of sliding a window-like cover over called numbers. Thanks to the digital revolution, there has been a change from traditional bingo halls to virtual online platforms. The transition from 'Shutterboard' to 80-ball Bingo was seamless, allowing bingo enthusiasts to enjoy the traditional game on their favourite online bingo sites.

The Basic Rules Of 80 Ball Bingo

The beauty of 80-ball Bingo lies in its simplicity and various patterns. As you embark on a bingo adventure, here are some of the basic rules that might come in handy playing 80-ball Bingo:

Patterns and possibilities – as the game starts, a unique pattern for the game is revealed. The patterns form the basis of the game, which later develops its unique identity. These patterns can range from horizontal and vertical lines to diagonal formations, cross patterns or even the enchanting of four corners. The patterns at 80-ball Bingo set the parameters within which the players engage, strategize and aim to achieve victory.

Marking off numbers– just like the traditional Bingo, you emerge the winner just after completing the designated pattern before anyone else. Typically, when the numbers are called, players are required to mark off the called number on their virtual bingo cards. Players can automatically mark the number manually, depending on the platform chosen. Most online bingo platforms also use an auto-mark feature that automatically marks bingo cards.

Variation across the platforms – the flexibility of 80–ball bingo is remarkable. While the game's core rules remain constant, the patterns may vary in different bingo platforms and there might be some additional bonus features along the way. These core rules govern the gameplay, which grants fairness and offers endless exciting gaming experiences.

80 Ball Bingo on Bingo Sites

Every 80 Ball Bingo game offers a fresh experience and a unique structure design while maintaining the game's core rules. Here are a few examples of creative and diverse types of Bingo with distinct themes.

The Money Drop Bingo - This exciting 80-ball bingo room from Playtech and available on Buzz Bingo sister sites is a quirky alternative that adds an extra layer of excitement with additional bonus rounds.

80 Matey - If you are a traditionalist, Entain's Bingo game, 80 Matey on Foxy Bingo sister sites, is perfect as it is classic with no quirky gimmicks.

Cashline - The Mecca Bingo popular shutter board bingo game from the Clubs is now available as an online 80-ball bingo game. Along with the full house bingo, Cashline Bingo has plenty of pattern games, too, so there’s always a good variety to keep you on your toes!

Where to Play 80 Ball Bingo?

You can play 80-ball bingo on the best bingo sites. Some of the most popular ones are on the bingo networks Entain and Virtue Fusion.