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Get ready to Burst some balloons in this fair for all 50 ball bingo game exclusive to Mecca sister sites.

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Burst Bingo

Dive into the vibrant world of Burst Bingo, a captivating 50-ball bingo creation by renowned developer Playtech as part of its Virtue Fusion umbrella. With the unique advantage of choosing your ticket price—ranging from 10p to £2—every game promises a bespoke experience. Whether you're a seasoned bingo aficionado or just dipping your toes into the experience, our guide to playing Burst Bingo explores its standout features and introduces similar games for a rounded bingo journey. Let's get started!

How to Play Burst Bingo

Burst Bingo is an innovative twist on the traditional bingo game, offering a unique experience for players. Designed for a selection of UK Bingo Sites, this game takes the essence of bingo and adds an exciting layer of interactive entertainment. How to play:

Step1: Choose your bingo site - We have listed the best sites with Burst Bingo to help you get started; as you can see, it is only a small number; however, this is because this is a bingo room exclusive to a small number of Mecca Bingo sister sites. It helps to give you that unique experience.

Step 2: Understand the Game Concept - Unlike the classic bingo where numbers are called, Burst Bingo replaces bingo balls with charming animals, each holding a balloon numbered from 1 to 50. Your primary objective? Match the numbers called to the balloons the animals on your ticket hold, and burst them all to win the game.

Step 3: Purchasing Your Ticket - Before any game of Burst Bingo begins, you'll need to purchase your ticket. Remember, each player can only buy one ticket for every game; this ensures everyone has an equal chance of winning, keeping the game's competitive spirit alive.

Step 4: Choose Your Stake - One of the game's unique features is the ability to decide the price of your ticket; this is a multi-stake game, meaning you can choose how much you want to bet. You'll notice a burgundy-coloured price tag when you enter the game room. Tap on it to reveal a drop-down menu showcasing your ticket price options: 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, and £2. The prize money you can win directly corresponds to your ticket's price. For instance, a 10p ticket might win you £1.50, while a £2 ticket can net you as much as £33.60.

Step 5: Let the Game Begin - Once you've secured your ticket, all you need to do is wait for the game to commence. As numbers are announced, if you find a match on your ticket, the corresponding balloon bursts, thus eliminating it from your ticket. The thrill peaks when you manage to burst all 10 balloons first!

Burst Bingo Game Features

Though Burst Bingo doesn't come with its individual jackpots, it does connect players to the Premiere Bingo Jackpots; this means that with every ticket you purchase, you stand a chance to win one of five jackpots that are part of this grand scheme.

The Game Aesthetics

A quick word of caution for new players - while the game features cute animals, regulations ensure that these graphics are hidden to avoid appealing to under-18s. Once you're logged in and have verified your age, you can enjoy the game in all its visual glory.

Unique Theme and Presentation

Burst Bingo isn't just another bingo game; its distinct features set it apart from the standard 90 and 75 ball more traditional games, making it a prime choice for players seeking a fresh and engaging experience.

The first thing that captures a player's attention is the unconventional theme. Instead of traditional numbered balls, we have vibrant animals, each holding a balloon with a number. This design adds a fun twist and an immersive experience that takes players on a joyous balloon-bursting journey.

Player's Choice in Ticket Price

A feature that truly stands out with this bingo room is the player's ability to choose their ticket price. This multi-stake game offers ticket prices ranging from 10p to £2. Each ticket price correlates with a different prize amount, allowing players to decide their potential winning and risk level.

Fair for all Game

With 1 ticket limited per player in every game and with only 25 players in any bingo game at a time, this is a game that we would class as being fair for all.

Exclusive Premiere Bingo Jackpots

As mentioned earlier, Burst Bingo doesn't have its own proprietary Jackpot, but this Jackpot does connect players to shared Premiere Bingo Jackpots; this means that with every game you play, you have a chance to win one of five grand jackpots. These jackpots have been known to award players significant prizes, some even reaching as high as £70,000. These Jackpots are won within a certain bingo call number; see each site for details.

Speedy Game Play

With games running approximately every 2 minutes and just 10 numbers required for a full house, Burst Bingo keeps players on the edge of their seats. It's fast-paced, dynamic, and perfect for those who enjoy a quick game of bingo with high rewards.

Transparency in Prize Amount

The game showcases the prize amount for the most expensive ticket right within its interface. Players can easily see the prize corresponding to each ticket price, ensuring complete transparency.

Engaging User Interface

Although regulations restrict visuals that may appeal to under-18s, the bingo game unfolds in all its visual splendour once a player is logged in and age-verified. The interface is user-friendly, intuitive, and designed to enhance the player's experience.

Similar Games to Burst Bingo

Those looking for a similar bingo game type have a few other 50-ball bingo games to choose from; these include:

Bingo Beats - While it doesn't have the cute animated graphics as Burst Bingo, Bingo Beats on Foxy Bingo sister sites is still just as fun with its 50-ball gameplay; this is another fair for all game where you buy one ticket between 10p and £2.

Bingo Bowl - Exclusive to William Hill Bingo, Bingo Bowl is a 50-ball game developed by Playtech. It is a game similar to Burst Bingo; however, instead of balloon-holding animals on your bingo tickets, you have ten pins, each marked with a number, and the aim is to knock down all your pins when a number is called.

Mystic Meg Bingo - Exclusive to Sun Bingo sister sites, this 50-ball bingo game is one of the favourite bingo rooms amongst bingo players. Like Burst Bingo, in Mystic Meg Bingo you get 1 Card to play with prices starting from as low as 5p up to £3. In this game, your ticket features ten floating bubbles with mystical symbols relating to Mystic Meg herself; the aim is to match the symbols on the ticket to the symbols being called out to win.


Burst Bingo by Playtech (Virtue Fusion) effortlessly merges tradition with innovation, resulting in a style of bingo game that's both familiar and refreshingly unique. Its engaging theme, transparent prize structure, and adrenaline-pumping Premiere Bingo Jackpots make it more than just a game.

Whether you're a seasoned bingo enthusiast or a newcomer, Burst Bingo promises a fair for all fun-filled experience with its quick-paced fun 50-ball bingo action that is fair for all with its one bingo ticket limit in every game, and with the added thrill of potential jackpots. It's a delightful blend of strategy, luck, and pure entertainment that will undoubtedly resonate with players seeking a modern twist on a classic game.

Min/ Max BetTickets from 10p
Ball Type50 Ball Bingo

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Best Sites with Burst Bingo include: Mecca Bingo, Kitty Bingo, Lucky Pants Bingo,

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