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Burst Bingo, exclusive to Mecca Bingo and Sister sites, is fast-paced 50 ball game featuring balloons and cute animals!

✨ Burst Bingo is available to play with these UK bingo sites:

✨ Where to play Burst Bingo?

Burst Bingo is available to play with these top 2 bingo sites:

✨ FAQ: Burst Bingo

✨ What is Burst Bingo?

Burst Bingo is an exclusive 50 ball bingo room themed on balloons and animals which has been developed by Playtech for Mecca Bingo and sister sites

✨ How to Play Burst Bingo?

In this bingo game, bingo balls have been replaced with animals holding balloons, don't worry though, it is a very simple game to play, but be warned it is a fast game!

To start, choose the group of animals you wish to play with if playing on a tablet / phone device.

Next choose your ticket price from 0.25p to £2.50, (there's only 1 ticket per game). The more you pay, the higher the prize.

The aim is to be the first person to call house by marking off all 10 balloon animals with their numbers to win a prize. There is only 1 prize available for each game.

✨ Room Times and Ticket Prices

Burst Bingo is open from 8am - 2am. Tickets are multi-stake which means you choose the ticket price you wish to pay for the game from 25p, 50p, £1, £2, and £2.50. These can be purchased in the Burst Bingo room as well as in advance from the schedule. Only 1 ticket can be purchased for each game, making it fair for all. 

✨ Where to Play Burst Bingo?

Burst Bingo is an exclusive game created for select bingo sites owned by The Rank Group. These are Mecca Bingo, Kitty Bingo, and Lucky Pants Bingo

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