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Cash Cubes Bingo is the 36-ball fast-paced bingo game featuring numbered cubes, regular prizes and a sensation jackpot!

✨ Cash Cubes Bingo is available to play with these UK bingo sites:

✨ Where to play Cash Cubes Bingo?

Cash Cubes Bingo is available to play with these top 5 bingo sites:

✨ FAQ: Cash Cubes Bingo

✨ What is Cash Cubes Bingo?

Cash Cubes Bingo is a fast-paced 36 ball bingo game developed by Playtech for a variety of UK bingo sites. It is low-cost with multi-stake features and progressive jackpots.

✨ How to Play Cash Cubes Bingo?

Cash Cubes Bingo is a 36 ball numbered bingo game with a single ticket with 12 numbers surrounding four cubes.

The aim of this bingo game is to match all 12 numbers on the cubes to win the full house prize.

✨ Cash Cube Bonus Feature

If one of your numbers are called, one side of the cube on the ticket will turn yellow; when all four numbers on a cube are called, it will ‘unlock’ and move to the bottom of the screen.

Each cube that lands is banked to your Cash Cubes collection. Collect 50 Cubes of the same colour to win a Cash Cube bonus.

✨ Cash Cubes Progressive Jackpot

Every time you play, you have the chance to win the Cash Cubes network progressive jackpot where 100% of the prize is shared between all players that have a ticket for the winning game. To win this jackpot, you must have a ticket for the winning game and/or claim the full house prize on 18 ball calls or less.

✨ Room Times and Ticket Prices

Cash Cubes Bingo is open from 27/7. Tickets are multi-stake which means you choose the ticket price you wish to pay for the game from 10p, 50p, £1 and £2. These can be purchased in the Cash Cubes Bingo room as well as in advance from the schedule. Only 1 ticket can be purchased for each game, making it fair for all.

✨ Where to Play Cash Cubes Bingo?

You can play Cash Cubes Bingo on selected Playtech bingo sites, this includes popular sites, Sun Bingo and Fabulous Bingo

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