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Coronation Street Bingo brings the charm of the iconic British soap to your bingo experience on Entain Bingo Sites! I say... I say... it's time to get your eyes down on the Cobbles with this exciting 90-ball game.

Ready to stroll down the famous street? Check out the exclusive bingo sites below and join the fun today!

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✨ Coronation Street Bingo: Relive the Nostalgia on the Cobbles!

Coronation Street Bingo

Coronation Street Bingo is an exciting 90-ball bingo game developed by Entain, available on its range of UK bingo sites, including Ladbrokes Bingo and sister sites. The game is themed around the iconic British soap opera, "Coronation Street," bringing charm and nostalgia to your bingo experience. Players can enjoy familiar characters and elements from the show while trying their luck at winning prizes.

This 90-ball bingo game offers three exciting rounds: one line, two lines, and a grand full house. With its traditional bingo format, players can win fantastic prizes while immersing themselves in the nostalgic world of Corrie. The game incorporates symbols and imagery related to the beloved TV soap, enhancing the overall experience.

In Coronation Street Bingo, players can participate in the Golden Cobbles Jackpot, giving them a shot at additional rewards. The auto-marking feature streamlines gameplay by automatically marking off called numbers on your tickets, ensuring hassle-free progress tracking. Additionally, the game offers various pocket-friendly ticket options, allowing everyone to enjoy the fun, regardless of their spending limits.

How to Play Coronation Street Bingo: A Step-by-Step Guide

Excited to take a stroll down the cobbles of Coronation Street Bingo? Follow these steps to join the fun and potentially win fantastic prizes:

  • Step 1: Find the Coronation Street Bingo Room
    Start by registering and funding your account at any of the bingo sites offering Coronation Street Bingo. Navigate to the bingo lobby and search for the 'Coronation Street' room. A handy guide will pop up on the screen; read it to understand how the game works.
  • Step 2: Purchase Your Bingo Tickets
    Choose the number of tickets you wish to buy and select the ticket price that suits your budget. Once your tickets are purchased, wait for the game to start. The game will begin at the scheduled time, and numbers will be called.
  • Step 3: Marking of Numbers
    As the numbers are called, the auto-marking feature will mark off the numbers on your tickets. Monitor your progress and prepare to shout "Bingo!" when you achieve a line, two lines, or a full house. Keep an eye out for that Golden Cobbles Jackpot!

Exciting Features of Coronation Street Bingo

Coronation Street Bingo offers several unique features that enhance the gameplay experience. Here’s a closer look at what makes this game special:

  • The Rovers Return: Roomies can enjoy Corrie-themed cash prizes up to £750, look out for this special promotion while it lasts. Along with the usual wins on 1L, 2L, and Full House, there's also a chance of winning £10 with any number and £750 for a Full House with the Golden Cobbles Jackpot.
  • Golden Cobbles Jackpot: This room features the Golden Cobbles Jackpot ticket. Win a jackpot prize by claiming the full house in the main bingo game on any number not already on the Golden Cobbles Jackpot ticket. If your number does not complete a line on the Golden Cobbles Jackpot ticket, you will receive the Any Number prize. If your number completes a 1 line, 2 line, or FH on the Golden Cobbles ticket, you will receive the corresponding prize. The jackpot ticket is the same for all players and will be replaced once the full house is won, with prizes up to £500.
  • Corrie Progressive Jackpot: The Corrie Progressive Jackpot can be won in 33 calls. It is a community jackpot, meaning it is split 50/50 with the FH winner getting 50% and the community with active tickets in the game sharing 50%. It starts from £5,000 and reseeds at £5,000 once won.
  • Daily Jackpots: There are also daily jackpots available in this room. Check the room for details and join the fun!
  • Auto-Marking Feature: The game automatically marks off the called numbers on your tickets, ensuring you never miss a number and can focus on the fun and excitement. No need to worry about missing your favorite soap moments!
  • Nostalgic Theme: Immerse yourself in the world of Coronation Street with familiar symbols and imagery from the show, adding a nostalgic touch to your bingo experience. It’s like having a cuppa with your favorite characters!
  • Real-Time Chat Interaction: Engage with other players and chat hosts while playing Coronation Street Bingo. The chat feature enhances the social aspect of the game, allowing players to share their excitement and participate in chat games for additional chances to win prizes.

Ticket Prices and Prizes for Coronation Street Bingo

Ticket prices for Coronation Street Bingo are pocket-friendly, allowing players to enjoy the game regardless of their budget. You can purchase up to 50 tickets per game, with prize amounts varying based on the ticket price and the number of players in each game.

Coronation Street Bingo Promotions

Check the promotions section of your favourite Entain bingo site for special offers and extra chances to win big with Coronation Street Bingo. Promotions can include bonus cash, free tickets, and special jackpot games, adding even more excitement to your gameplay.

The Best Sites for Playing Coronation Street Bingo

Coronation Street Bingo is available on several Entain bingo sites. Here are the best places to enjoy this charming and engaging 90-ball bingo game:

  • Ladbrokes Bingo: Known for its extensive selection of games and vibrant community, Ladbrokes Bingo offers a fantastic platform to play Coronation Street Bingo. Enjoy seamless gameplay, exciting promotions, and the chance to win big prizes in a lively and friendly environment.
  • Foxy Bingo: With its user-friendly interface and regular promotions, Foxy Bingo is a top choice for playing Coronation Street Bingo. Join the fun and take advantage of their generous offers and jackpots while enjoying the nostalgic theme.
  • Gala Bingo: Offering a touch of glam to your gaming experience, Gala Bingo provides a premium bingo experience with exciting bonuses and a lively community, making it an ideal place to play Coronation Street Bingo.

By choosing any of these top bingo sites with Coronation Street Bingo, you will experience a unique and thrilling bingo game, complete with substantial prizes and engaging features.

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Get ready to experience the Bingo action on the Cobbles of Coronation Street

If you're a fan of Coronation Street and love playing bingo, then Coronation Street Bingo is the best of both worlds. With familiar symbols and imagery, this bingo game offers players a captivating blend of traditional 90-ball bingo with the iconic elements of the nation's most loved TV series, giving that nostalgic and exciting experience.

Additionally, the Golden Cobbles Jackpot adds an extra layer of fun, giving players the chance to win additional rewards. So, why wait? Head over to your favorite Entain bingo site, and join the Coronation Street Bingo fun today. It's time to bring the charm of the cobbles to your bingo game!

Last Modified: 22nd May 2024

Min/Max Bet From 5p a ticket
Network Entain

✨ Best Sites with Coronation Street Bingo

Best Sites with Coronation Street Bingo include: Gala Bingo, Foxy Bingo, Ladbrokes Bingo,

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