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Get ready for to be Americanised with Deal or No Deal Bingo US by Entain, where shiny briefcases replace those bright red boxes!

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Deal or No Deal Bingo US

Deal or No Deal premiered on TV screens in the early 2000s, based on the original Dutch TV show; the UK version features red boxes, while the American version has briefcases.

The concept of Deal or No Deal as a Casino game also appeared in the 2000s and has since become a popular theme for a wide range of games, including Bingo, Slingo and Slots, and Live Casino. With this in mind, it is no surprise that there are two bingo versions of the game from two very different bingo operators.

The first bingo game to launch in the UK was created by Playtech; they based their 90-ball and 75-ball Deal or No Deal Bingo game on the UK show with Red Boxes, while Entain opted for the American version with silver cases.

Despite the visual differences, the two bingo games follow similar rules and formats and are both available to play as a 90 and 75 ball bingo game.

How to Play Deal or No Deal Bingo US?

If you want to play Entains Deal or No Deal Bingo US, locate the game on one of the listed bingo sites on this page; the list includes Foxy Bingo sister sites. Once you have located the game, follow these simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Open the Bingo Room - From the bingo lobby, choose the 90 or 75-ball version of the bingo game.

Step 2: Read the Rules - A little popup will show you some basic rules of the game; if you are new to this game, read the rules; it will help you learn how to play before you buy your tickets.

Step 3: Purchase your bingo tickets - You can buy between 1 and 36 tickets for each standard game. The special games with bigger prizes allow you to purchase up to 48. Look on the game's schedule for details of ticket prices and limits.

Step 4: Play! - Cash prizes are randomly assigned at the start of the session and are hidden in Briefcases, with their values based on the tickets' value.

One of the cases will randomly be selected; this will stay closed until the end of the game when the full house winner plays the feature bonus game. The other cases will then open with an assigned bingo number. When a drawn number appears matching one of the cases, that case is then unlocked to reveal the cash amount from the Deal, or No Deal prize board, that prize amount is then eliminated from the board.

Your goal is to remove the low-value briefcases to enhance the chances of receiving a cash offer from the Banker at the end of the session if you win the full house, just like in the TV show.

The Game's Features

Deal or No Deal Bingo US has a variety of fun features, these include:

Bankers Offer

You are invited to play the feature game once you claim the full house, as the other players watch what happens next. As the FH winner, the Banker will make you a cash prize offer, but you can refuse it and open the suitcase with a random cash prize that can be higher or lower than the Bankers offer.

Winning the Jackpot

Entain's Deal or No Deal Bingo US version offers a progressive jackpot; to win this, you need to get a FH within the set number of calls as detailed in the bingo room. The jackpot is shared between the full house winner and qualifying players in that game.

Average Ticket Prices and Prizes

Bingo Tickets for Deal or No Deal Bingo US game often varies in price, but they are as low as 5p each depending on the game. Prizes are determined by the lines won and the number of players in each game.

Similar Games

This popular theme has been around since the early 2000s when the TV show launched, so it should be no surprise that there are dozens of different games themed around it; some of the popular casino variations include:

Deal or No Deal Bingo - If you love this game, wait until you play Deal or No Deal Bingo by Playtech! Themed on the UK TV show, briefcases are replaced by the familiar red boxes. The feature bonus game is similar and comes as both a 90 and 75-ball game. It is available to play on all sites like Fabulous Bingo.

Deal or No Deal Slingo - Slingo Originals have creatively brought the fun components of the red box theme to life with Deal or No Deal Slingo. This game combines the best part of the UK bingo game with slots to create something highly exciting!

Deal or No Deal Slots - There are many different slots with the DOND theme; we especially like the Deal or No Deal slot by Roxor as it is simple to play and low cost. You can play it with all the sister sites like Jackpotjoy Bingo.

Deal or No Deal - The Big Game Live: - If you want to play for larger prizes and experience even more action, then take a look at Deal or No Deal - The Big Game from Playtech. It is a Live Casino Game based on the US TV Show version, and it features real live presenters, which helps to give you a live studio gameshow vibe. Try this live lotto bingo-style game today! 


Entain's version of Deal or No Deal Bingo is visually appealing and utilises an enjoyable yet straightforward gameplay with multiple chances to win a prize in both the 75 and 90-ball versions of the game. Including the feature round, where the Banker presents an offer, ensures that you remain fully immersed until the end.

Min/ Max BetAs low as 5p
Ball Type90 Ball Bingo 75 Ball Bingo

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Best Sites with Deal or No Deal Bingo US include: Gala Bingo, Foxy Bingo, Ladbrokes Bingo,

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