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Deal or No Deal Bingo from Playtech brings an exciting gameshow level of fun to classic 90 / 75 Ball Bingo! Mark off your numbers, and if you call house you get to Beat the Banker!

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Deal or No Deal Bingo

Deal or No Deal Bingo is themed on a popular TV Gameshow show, "Deal or No Deal," with a worldwide fan base and which saw its final UK episode aired in 2016. 

While the TV show isn't around any more in our current day, you can still enjoy the show's suspense and excitement, thanks to Playtech and Entains 90 and 75 Ball Bingo versions of the red box game, available to play on a good many popular bingo sites.

How to Play Deal or No Deal Bingo (UK Version)

You can play either the 90 or 75 Ball Bingo version of the Deal or No Deal Bingo game. Once you have chosen your favourite style, locate the game on one of the listed Deal or No Deal Bingo Sites, such as on Mecca Bingo sister sites and then follow these simple steps to play:

Step 1: Load up the game - After choosing your favourite bingo version of the game, open up the room. You will be promoted with a handy guide; if you are a newbie, read it, it will help you learn the rules, detailing how to play Deal or No Deal Bingo.

Step 2: Purchase Tickets - Once you have selected your favourite site and version, you can then purchase your bingo tickets for your next session; ticket prices start from just 1p; you have the option to buy between 1 and 48 tickets for every session.

Step 3: Play! - You can play Once you are set up! When the countdown timer reaches zero, the session will start. Numbers are randomly called out, and if the numbers on your ticket match the ones called out, they will be marked off. The goal is to mark off lines and the FH on your ticket before any other player.

Step 4: Win a Full House and beat the Banker! - While this is a bingo game with traditional elements, the Full House winner can win an additional prize by beating the Banker!

Difference between Deal or No Deal Bingo 90 and 75 Ball

All sites with Deal or No Deal Bingo (DOND Bingo for short) have both 75-ball and 90-ball versions of the game. Except for how you win on lines and patterns, the main bonus feature for these games is identical; the only difference is the format and the prizes.

As numbers are called, red boxes with the corresponding number disappear from a side screen until the full house is won. If you win the full house prize, you can play "The Banker's Offer" feature game, where you are presented with an offer based on the value of the remaining mystery boxes. You must decide whether to accept or reject the Banker's offer.

Game Features

Alongside its standard bingo gameplay, Deal or No Deal Bingo is a game with many fun-filled features; these include:

Bankers Deal

As the winner of the FH, you get to play the Bankers Deal feature. At the beginning of the game, a red box appears, and at the end of the session, you will get an opportunity to take the cash offer from the Banker or a chance to find out what is inside the red box and take the Prize.

The Jackpot

All Playtech sites with DOND Bingo 90 and 75 feature a progressive jackpot that starts at a set amount, usually £5,000, which can increase to an impressive amount. Winning the progressive Jackpot requires you to mark off all your numbers in the required minimum calls. (See the Deal or No Deal Bingo sites for further details). If you win this Jackpot, you will receive 50% of the pot, with the remaining portion distributed amongst the other players in that game.

Average Ticket Prices and Prizes

Deal or No Deal Bingo 75 or 90 ticket prices range between 10p and 50p; prices will be shown on the next session and the schedule. Depending on the game version you choose to play, the maximum ticket purchases range between 45 and 60.

Both games have several prizes you can win based on the number of lines or a full house. The staked amount and the number of players in the game determine the Prize's value.

Deal or No Deal Bingo Promotions

The best thing about playing with the Playtech bingo sites that have Deal or No Deal Bingo is that players can occasionally take part in the occasional jackpot promo. Look out for amazing offers in the promotions section of your favourite bingo site.

Which Games are like Deal or No Deal Bingo?

If you are looking for other games with the Deal or No Deal theme, you have plenty of options as this game has been reinvited as a Bingo Game, Slingo Game, and many slot games. Some popular games include:

Deal or No Deal Bingo US: If you love the Playtech version, wait until you play Deal or No Deal Bingo US version from Entain! Themed on the American version of the TV show, Deal or No Deal Bingo US has replaced the red boxes with briefcases. The bonus feature is very similar and comes as both a 90 and 75-ball game. It is available to play on all Foxy Bingo Sister Sites.

Deal or No Deal Slingo: Slingo Originals have brought the elements of the theme to life with the highly entertaining Deal or No Deal Slingo game. This game combines the best part of the red box bingo game with slots to create something highly thrilling!

Deal or No Deal Slots: There are many slot versions of this game; we especially like the Deal or No Deal slot game from Roxor as it is simple and engaging to play as well as low cost. You can play it with all the sister sites like Double Bubble Bingo.

Deal or No Deal - The Big Game Live: - If you are looking for bigger prizes and even more action with all the feels of being a live studio gameshow contestant, then take a look at Deal or No Deal - The Big Game, a Live Casino Game based on the US Version with real live presenters. If you love the DOND Bingo game, then you will certainly love this live lotto bingo-style game.

Our Review

Both versions, 90 and 75 ball Deal or No Deal Bingo from Playtech, capture the excitement the iconic gameshow once brought to our TV screens. With the thrills of traditional bingo and the additional Beat the Banker feature, you will feel like you have stepped into a real live game show! For a highly entertaining online bingo experience, join the fun by playing with any of the above Deal or No Deal Bingo sites and see if you can beat the Banker!

Min/ Max BetTickets from 1p
Ball Type90 Ball Bingo 75 Ball Bingo

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