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Classic Bingo has gone bonkers with quirky emoticons in Emoji Bingo, a 50 Ball game exclusive to Mecca's Sister Sites!

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Emoji Bingo

Bingo games come in a variety of shapes, formats and styles. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a handful of traditional 90 and 75 ball bingo games, why not instead make things a bit more interesting, thanks to the presence of quirky emoji characters?

The developers at Playtech has once again risen to the challenge by providing a decidedly unique spin on a classic. Emoji Bingo is a 50-ball bingo game that can be played for as little as 10p per round, offering up images of your favourite emojis alongside big jackpots that will leave you coming back for more. If you have been looking to take a break from the norm, you'll be pleased with what this one-of-a-kind Playtech platform has to offer. Let's delve a bit deeper to appreciate the big picture.

How to Play Emoji Bingo

The good news is that anyone who is already familiar with bingo should not find it difficult to play Emoji Bingo. The main difference is that, as opposed to numbers, users are instead presented with a series of emoji faces. These are some of the very same images associated with social media platforms and common sms messaging services. Looking to get started? Here is how to get started:

Step 1: Choose your bingo site - As you can see, we have listed bingo sites with Emoji Bingo, but it is only a small number, and this is because this game is exclusive to Mecca Bingo sister sites which are the ones listed on this page. What this means is that you can only play with those sites.

Step 2: Load up the Game, Buy your tickets - To begin, choose your type of ticket as well as the wager. Note that there are five different options, a ticket enables you to play a single bingo session, and the associated offers tend to change throughout the day. The minimum ticket price is 25p, and the maximum price is capped at £3, and as you may have guessed, tickets that cost more equate to higher prizes. The potential winnings are highlighted beside each ticket value.

Step 3: Choose your Emoticons - Once your purchase has been confirmed, you will play 10 emojis. A total of 50 are in the pack. Once the game has begun, watch as your ticket is auto-daubed. As with any standard game of bingo, the goal is to match all ten emojis that are randomly drawn to win the house prize. If there happens to be more than one winner during a session, the rewards will be shared. In other words, Emoji Bingo shares many basic features in common with other bingo games.

Features and In-Game Elements

In terms of sheer simplicity, you can't go wrong with Emoji Bingo. Not only are the rules extremely simple, but the user interface is ideally suited for newbies and those more seasoned bingo veterans. The main bingo board is located on the right-hand side of the screen, while the left portion is used to display the emoji characters that you have chosen. Other in-game elements include the total jackpot prize, the prize of the game that you are currently playing, the price per ticket (during the purchasing process), your stake, and your cash balance.

Another feature that we like involves a real-time chat box that is found on the main bingo page; in fact, there is one in every bingo room, and they are usually bustling. This is a great way to communicate with others as well as to welcome new players on board. You will also be happy to learn that Emoji Bingo is available as a browser-based platform and that it is also supported by all the latest desktop and mobile devices without the need for an app.

Premiere Jackpot

The built-in feature, known as the Premiere Jackpot, can only be won by the house winner. However, it is important to note that this Jackpot is not exclusive to the game and is available to be won in other bingo rooms and sister sites. Once won, it rolls over.

The Jackpots have five tiers, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond, with prizes ranging from £10 and can grow to over £70,000!

Fair for all Bingo Game

This is what we like to consider a fair for all style of bingo game, as while players can choose their own ticket prices from the options displayed in the game, each player has one ticket in every game, making the prizes fair game for all.

Burst Bingo - Featuring vibrant animals holding balloons, Burst Bingo is another Mecca exclusive game available on Kitty Bingo sister sites. It is just as fun as Emoji Bingo with its 50-ball fair for all style of game.

Bingo Beats - Part of the Entain bingo network, Burst Bingo has more of a classic style but the gameplay is very similar. Available to play on Foxy Bingo sister sites, Bingo Beats featuring 50 balls is fair for all with a one ticket purchase between 10p and £2.

Bingo Bowl - Exclusive to William Hill Bingo, Bingo Bowl 50-ball also by Playtech, is similar to Emoji Bingo; however, instead of those quirky emoticons on your bingo tickets, you have to knock down.. well daub ten pins, each marked with a number.

Mystic Meg Bingo - Exclusive to Fabulous Bingo sister sites, this 50-ball bingo variant is themed on The Sun Newspaper late Mystic Meg fortune teller. In Mystic Meg Bingo, you play with one card, and prices start from as low as 5p up to £3. In this game, the bingo ticket features ten hovering bubbles with mysterious symbols relating to Mystic Meg herself; the aim is to match the symbols.


Emoji Bingo provides a fun and visually attractive twist on standard bingo platforms. While the gameplay itself is rewarding, with its fair for all gameplay, the fact that progressive jackpots worth in excess of £70,000 pounds is another perk that is impossible to overlook. When we then take into account the reputation associated with Playtech software and our love for Mecca Bingo over the years, there is little doubt that you will enjoy what is in store. Whether playing for amusement or you are hoping to tap into potentially lucrative cash prizes, Emoji Bingo is a game that will put an emoticon-style smile on your face!

Min/ Max BetTickets from 10p
Ball Type50 Ball Bingo

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