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Bingo is always better with friends. Real friends, yes, but let's not discount the fictional kind either.

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✨ FAQ: Friends Bingo

✨ What is Friends Bingo?

Friends Bingo is a UK 90 Bingo Room developed for Entain Bingo Sites, themed on the most loved American sitcom Friends, which kept millions of people entertained for an entire decade between 1994-2004 and continued to live on through endless re-runs and DVD boxsets today.

Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey prove to be such great company that we are left wondering why it took them so long to come up with this fantastic 90 ball bingo game?!

✨ How to Play Friends Bingo?

If you've ever played 90 ball bingo before, you'll easily fit in around here, with the core differences being visual as a background showing the iconic New York skyline (familiar even to those who may not have been fans of this show) can be seen under the bingo cards, which are styled with a Friends font. A photo of the six friends sits in the top left to keep you company while playing because no one's going to complain about seeing more of them.

The aim of the game, of course, is to complete a 'full house' and call bingo. As numbers are called virtually, your card will be marked off to get winners of one line, two lines, and eventually the big one. But the fun doesn't stop there, with the theme lending itself to two interesting features that are unique to this particular 90 ball bingo game. 

✨ Notable Features

Upon first buying a bingo ticket, players are prompted to choose one of the six friends as their 'team'. Each is associated with a group of 15 numbers ranging from 1-90. For example; Team Phoebe has 1-15, Team Chandler 16-30, Team Rachel 31-45, Team Ross 46-60, Team Monica 61-75, and Team Joey has 76-90. During the course of the game, a leader board keeps track of how many numbers have been called for each and at the end, a pot is split between players on the winning team. This is the Team Community Jackpot. It isn't a lot (a small pot is shared among winners), but it does mean a) that you have something to hold onto even if you're not winning the main game, and b) your favourite Friend will have bragging rights when they come through. You could imagine one of the guys reminding everyone of that for the next week.

Also worth noting is an additional bingo card that only comes into play when someone has won a full house at the end of the game, known as the Central Perk Ticket. You could say, with a little imagination, it works kind of like how a raffle in the real Central Perk coffee shop would on a typical lazy Saturday afternoon. When someone calls the full house, the number they won on is checked against the raffle ticket, and if it is unmarked, they'll win an additional prize. The amount depends on whether it's a singular number if it completes a line, two lines, or even another full house.

✨ Room Times and Ticket Prices

Friends Bingo is a game for all players with stakes from as low as 5p being your entry fee to the Central Perk coffee shop/bingo room. Thankfully this one is open 24/7, so you can come to hang out with the gang at any time of day.

✨ Where to Play Friends Bingo?

Though initially exclusive to Foxy Bingo, the Friends bingo room is available to play on sister bingo sites on the Entain Bingo Network, such as with bingo sites Ladbrokes, Gala Bingo, and Cheeky Bingo. Wherever you play, rest assured Friends Bingo offers a different spin on the kind of 90 ball game you may be used to playing.

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