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Bingo meets cards in the new 52 Card game. Put on your best poker face as you match a hand to win!

✨ Housey Bingo is available to play with these UK bingo sites:

✨ Game Guide: How to play Housey Bingo

✨ Playing Housey Bingo

Housey Bingo is as simple as it gets as this is bingo but played with cards.

All you have to do is place a bet by purchasing tickets also known as rows, sit back and wait for the Housey game to begin!

How to Play House Bingo

  • In every game, there will is a row of 5 playing cards
  • You can purchase a maximum of 10 rows per game
  • Instead of the traditional bingo numbers called, the calls will be card suits (i.e. jack of hearts).
  • Mark all 5 cards off in 1 row and win the game. 
  • 1 prize per game.
  • May vary between sites but on Mecca Bingo the jackpot will be a minimum of £500 and will be split 50% to the winner(s) and 50% to the community. The community pot is distributed depending on how many ‘tickets’ each player has purchased. 

✨ Best Bingo Sites with Housey Bingo

This fun new bingo room is available to play on a varity of Playtech One UK bingo websites.  The best sites with Housey Bingo include :

  •  Mecca Bingo
  •  Betfred Bingo
  •  Paddy Power Bingo
  •  William Hill Bingo
  •  Sun Bingo


Housey Bingo is a network game powered by Playtech One and is available to all bingo members playing on participating Playtech / Playtech One bingo websites.

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✨ Where to play Housey Bingo?

Housey Bingo is available to play with these top 8 bingo sites: