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Where to Play Spirit Twister Bingo?

Spirit Twister Bingi is the latest 75 ball bingo variant from Playtech with multiplier bonuses and progressive jackpots!

Below are our recommendations of bingo sites with Spirit Twister Bingo:

✨ Recommended Bingo Sites with Spirit Twister Bingo

You can play Spirit Twister Bingo with these 4+ popular bingo sites : :

✨ About Spirit Twister Bingo & Where to Play :

✨ What is Spirit Twister Bingo?

Spirit Twister Bingo might sound like a tongue twister, but it is, in fact, a visually striking new 75 ball bingo variant from Playtech, which features multiplier bonuses, progressive jackpots and even more chances of winning and has a capped number of players in every game!  

✨ How to Play Spirit Twister Bingo?

This game is 75 Ball Bingo, and it is good fun and easy to play! Like regular 75 ball bingo, Spirit Twister Bingo is played with 25 numbers on each bingo ticket, up to 75 bingo numbers called and 5 standard prizes, 1 Line, 2 Lines, 3 Lines, 4 Lines and House.

Spirit Twister Gem Multiplier

Each spirit animal bingo game features its own coloured Gemstone multiplier prize – which will randomly appear at the start of every game. After the Full House winner claims the prize, the house prize is then multiplied by the value shown throughout the game on the coloured gem. This could be x1, x2, x3, x4 and x5, the prize announced. All players in the active gem will see a special win animation displaying an assigned spirit animal, gem and colours used throughout the game.

Spirit Twister Bingo Jackpot

Spirit Twister Bingo also features a progressive community Jackpot which is won when a winner calls house within 40 calls. The jackpot is initially set at £1,000, it grows until won before it is reset again. This Community Jackpot is shared 50/50, with the house winner and the rest of the players active in the winning game. Prizes are awarded based on their stake in the game.

✨ Bingo Times and Ticket Prices

Every game is capped between 25 - 35 players to give everyone a better chance of winning a prize. Each player has the same number of tickets. Ticket Prices are different but can be as low as 1p and as high as 50p; this is dependent on the game and site you are playing with.

✨ Where to Play Spirit Twister Bingo?

You can play Spirit Twister Bingo on a handful of Playtech Bingo sites, some popular sites with this game includes Buzz Bingo and Mecca Bingo.

✨ Bingo Games like Spirit Twister Bingo?

This is the only game we know of currently which has a very low cap on bingo players in a room. If you are looking for other themed 75 Ball Bingo games, there are many other similar games including Deal or No Deal Bingo.