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✨ The Money Drop Bingo Game Guide, Sites and Overview

The Money Drop Bingo

Are you a fan of traditional bingo but looking for a quirky alternative that adds an extra layer of excitement and tact? Look no further than "The Money Drop Bingo," a thrilling 80-ball bingo game mixed with the theme of the Million Pound Money Drop TV show.

The Money Drop Bingo is a creation of Playtech, a renowned game developer that operates its Virtue Fusion Bingo network on various UK sites like Buzz Bingo and William Hill. This exciting bingo game variant takes the essence of traditional bingo and infuses it with elements of strategy and suspense. Unlike conventional bingo, where the goal is to complete rows or columns, "The Money Drop Bingo" introduces a captivating dynamic that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

How to Play The Money Drop Bingo

Money Drop Bingo is an 80-ball game that is easy to play. Follow these simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Choose a Bingo Site - We have listed some of the best sites with Money Drop Bingo on this page for you to choose from.

Step 2: Study the Fundamentals - Playing Money Drop Bingo is a straightforward process that combines the simplicity of traditional bingo with strategic decision-making. Before the game begins, you will be presented with a guide on the page which details how to play; read it as it will help you become familiar with the workings of the game.

Step 3: Select your Bet and Tickets - You begin the game by selecting the number of tickets you wish to buy and the corresponding ticket price. The number of tickets you choose can influence your overall game odds. Prices, ticket limits and prizes are displayed in the room and on the schedule.

Step 4: Select your Bet and Tickets - As numbers are randomly drawn, match the numbers on your bingo ticket. The goal is to complete lines, just like in classic bingo. However, If you have 6 tickets, you get ti take part in the special progressive jackpot feature round called the Drop Zone.

Features of the Game

Set against the backdrop of a mild to high-stakes game, The Money Drop Bingo captures the thrill and anticipation of the popular television show; The £100k Money Drop and other variations. It features engaging gameplay with elaborate prompts to guide players through the various stages, enhancing the overall experience. The objective is to match the numbers on your bingo ticket with the selected winning numbers. But here's the twist: you must strategically decide how to apportion your potential winnings across trapdoors on the Drop Zone to prevent them from dropping through.

To cater to different budgets and preferences, players can choose from a range of ticket prices - from 5p to 20p. This adaptability ensures that players of all backgrounds can participate in the game's excitement.

The Drop Zone Feature

The Drop Zone progressive jackpot feature game is a series of four rounds between bingo games in which players with 6 tickets or more must guess which trapdoor will remain open after three others have opened. If you guess correctly, then you progress to the next round. If you guess wrongly, you are automatically eliminated from the jackpot game.

In the lucky event that you outsmart the game by guessing all four trapdoors in the Drop Zone, you can claim the progressive jackpot prize. The jackpot usually features different prize amounts depending on the current pool, and it can be won by any player who purchases enough tickets.

You win the game if you mark off all the numbers on your bingo card. However, if you want to win the jackpot prize, you must guess all four trapdoors in the Drop Zone correctly.

It's worth noting that sole winners of the progressive jackpot are eligible for 100% of the current value. In the likelihood of multiple winners, the jackpot reward is shared among them based on the number of tickets they purchased for the game round.

Roll On, 1TG, and 2TG

Other interesting features present in the game include the Roll On, 1TG, and 2TG. The game offers various prizes, such as runner-up prizes; these features are highly engaging and offer unmatched playability that adds to the thrill.

Similar Games and Playtech Offerings

If you're a fan of The Money Drop Bingo, you might also enjoy other Playtech games that offer a similar blend of strategy and entertainment.

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Money Drop Live Casino - If you like the excitement that the bingo game offers, then why not give Money Drop Live Casino a try? This Playtech live casino will make you feel like you are participating in a Live Gameshow as it has real live presenters.


The Money Drop Bingo offers a refreshing take on the traditional 80-ball bingo game. Its engaging theme, suspenseful gameplay and interactive decision-making trapdoor Drop Zone bonus feature make this a perfect bingo game for players looking for an exciting and challenging bingo experience.

Min/ Max Bet5p to 20p
Ball Type80 Ball Bingo

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Best Sites with The Money Drop Bingo include: Mecca Bingo, Sun Bingo, Fabulous Bingo, Buzz Bingo, Kitty Bingo, Lucky Pants Bingo,

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