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Bouncy Balls Bingo - 36 Ball bingo by Playtech

Based upon the popular game Bouncy Balls Slots, Bouncy Balls Bingo is the vibrant, fast-paced online bingo game which you can now play on a variety of Virtue Fusion Bingo Sites.

And just like its sister slot, this lively bingo game features a bouncing jackpot prize which can reach into the thousands!

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Playing Bouncy Balls Bingo

Bouncy Balls Bingo is a fantastic, fast-paced 36 ball bingo game available to play on a small number of bingo sites on the Virtue Fusion Network.

If you have ever played Cash Cubes Bingo, then this game should seem familiar as it has the same gameplay.

Just like Cash Cubes, you play this bingo game, with one ticket consisting of four nests of Bouncing Balls surrounded by 12 numbers.

It is a multi-stake game, and you choose the price you want to pay from four fixed prices with a different bouncy ball character representing each ticket price. Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink Bouncing Balls.

When all 4 numbers surrounding each ball are called out, the ball will then bounces down to the bottom of the screen, and once all 12 numbers on all the bouncing balls ticket are drawn, then you'll win the Full House.

In each game you can collect up to 4 balls, once you hit 50 you'll be awarded a 50/50 bonus this is split between the Bouncy Balls Bingo Bonus and Bouncy Balls slot Bonus. The amount of bonus won is relative to the stake amount you have been playing at.

The Virtue Fusion bingo sites with Bouncy Balls Bingo also has a progressive jackpot for players to win. The pot is a community prize shared between every player in the winning game, with a prize share relative to the ticket price paid.

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