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Bingo Sites with Cash Cubes Bingo

Cash Cubes Bingo - 36-ball fast-paced variant bingo from Playtech

Developed for a variety of Virtue Fusion Bingo Sites, Cash Cube brings an exciting twist to the traditional bingo game where bingo tickets look like cubes, and regular prizes are proportional to a players’ stake.

Perfect for anyone who likes to colour outside of the lines, Cash Cubes is a sensation three-dimensional online bingo experience!

Cash Cubes Bingo Sites

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Playing Cash Cubes Bingo

Developed by Playtech, Cash Cubes is available to play on selected by bingo sites on the Virtue Fusion network, and it is fast-becoming a firm player-favourite.

Cash Cubes is a simple enough bingo game; it is budget-friendly, and you only play with one ticket. Multiple stakes are available starting from 10p to £2.00; each bingo ticket is categorised by a different colour – Orange, Green, Purple, and Red.

While not yet available on all Virtue fusion bingo sites, you'll find the above bingo sites with Cash Cubes for both desktop and mobile.

The game is played with 36 balls, on a ticket which looks like a cube which is made up of four blocks with four numbers on each side.

When one of your numbers is called, one side of the cubic block on the ticket will turn yellow. Once four numbers per side have been called, the block will ‘unlock’ and move down to the bottom of the screen.

If you are the first to have all your numbers called and all four of the cubes are at the bottom of the screen then congratulations, you have won the Full House Jackpot!

What makes Cash Cubes Bingo even interesting is that every cube that lands at the bottom of your screen and banked and saved to your Cash Cubes Collection.

Collect 50 cubes of one of the four colours in which you have chosen to play (Orange, Green, Purple, Red); you will win a Cash Cube bonus.

These bonus amount won is determined by the colour cube played.

Progressive Jackpot

That’s not all, all the bingo sites with Cash Cubes Bingo offer you the chance to win a networked community progressive jackpot which when won is divided between everyone who has played that winning jackpot game. How much you can win is proportionately determined by your stake mount. So if you purchased a ticket for 50p, you'd win 5x the amount than someone who purchased a 10p ticket, and so on.

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