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Session Bingo is just like playing bingo in your local bingo hall! In every bingo session, everyone pays the same low-cost fixed-price in advance for an hour of bingo games and everyone has the same amount of bingo tickets in every game making it a fair game for all.

The types of bingo games such as 90 ball or 75 ball can vary between each session, and prizes are determined by how many players are in each game. Some bingo sites with session bingo may also give players the chance of winning a jackpot if they win a full house in a set number of bingo calls!

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Session Bingo : Online Guide

Session Bingo is just like your standard game of bingo. There are usually 3 - 4 Sessions of bingo games per day from morning, noon, afternoon and twilight and each lasts around 1 hour.  Times and prices are subject to change for that reason we recommend visiting each individual site for the most up to date information. Just look for the rooms named session bingo.

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