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Pay by Paysafecard works through the use of a pre-paid card where you buy a pin number with cash or card at a local sales outlet who will then preload the amount of money you choose to put into it.

You then use the pin to pay funds to any of your preferred bingo sites that accept Paysafecard as their mode of payment. It is a very secure voucher system which has now replaced Ukash. This voucher payment method is currently the only voucher method available online which is accepted at UK bingo sites. There are numerous PaySafeCard Bingo sites, and that number keeps increasing with each passing day.

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How Does Pay By Paysafecard Work ?

These vouchers come in different denominations, ranging from £10 to £100, and you can order them online or at a physical outlet. You do not have to spend all your funds on the card at once, and also, you can combine the PINS from different vouchers to make one big payment. However, it is recommended that you make use of all the credit in a card within one year of purchase since you will have to pay a monthly charge once you go beyond 12 months with your Paysafecard.

Every card comes with a 16 digit PIN that needs to be entered into the online cashier when paying for bingo or other goods online. In case you have already used the card partially, the PIN remains the same. This method also offers a way to manage your cards online, meaning that you can hold all your PINs from different cards in one account. Also, you do not need to enter PINs while playing; only your username and password. You can also download their smartphone app that is compatible with Android and iOS.

Advantages of Using Paysafecard

Helps Manage Your Spending

This is a great method for those looking to control their online gaming spending since they get to limit their output to the amount they pre-determined while topping up the card. It helps them resist surpassing their budgets while playing casino bingo games.


With pay by Paysafecard payment method, players can enjoy their favourite bingo games from the comfort of their homes or while on the move on their app. Also, the signing up process is simple since you only need to have a valid email address / UK mobile phone number. You do not need to provide your bank account details or credit card information to pay for bingo while using cash. Besides, you can top-up from their many outlets that are in supermarkets, petrol stations and stationery outlets, meaning you do not have to go far to top-up. You can also go for the online option by topping-up in any of the Paysafecard online approved distributors.


All bingo sites that accept Paysafecard put the safety of their customers before anything else. They are all subjects to frequent compliance checks, which means that using Paysafecard to pay for your bingo will remain safe. Since you don’t need to share your bank account details, you are assured that your data is highly protected. The system never asks players to input personal information while making deposits.

This means that you get to protect yourself from hackers. Also, Paysafe has put in place a host of security tips that are intended to help players. For example, they advise them to ensure that they only use their PIN with trusted Paysafecard bingo sites. They should also never pass their PINs to other third parties. In case you lose your PIN, or it gets stolen, Paysafe has a 24-hour hotline to help you freeze your funds as long as you provide them with the serial number. Even if it gets misplaced, only the funds associated with the pin get lost. This does not compromise sensitive information like debit / credit card or bank account details.

Average Processing Times for Depositing/Withdrawing

Since the deposit processing time is instant, players can start playing immediately after inputting their PIN. The only disadvantage is that Bingo sites that accept Paysafecard have not introduced a withdrawal option to their players which means they will need to register the method required at each individual site before they can make a withdrawal.