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All trustworthy UK bingo sites and casinos accept Visa including Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Visa Credit and Prepaid Cards. This widely used option is the safest and most secure.

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How Does Pay By Visa Work ?

No other payment card is widely accepted around the world than Visa; it is the most popular payment method for every reputable casino and bingo sites in the UK.

Every online bingo site in the UK accepts Visa Card these include Visa Debit, Visa Electron and Visa Credit and Prepaid Cards this is due to being the safest and most secure method.

Depositing / Withdrawing

Just like any other online shopping site, adding funds to a gaming account with a Visa Card is a straightforward process and it is instant. Just select the payment method Visa Debit or Visa Credit Card, choose your amount and submit to a third-party payment gateway.

On all sites, it is only possible to add funds using your own card; this is to safe guard against any fraud and details will need to match your information registered on your account.

Any Winnings are generally paid back to the previously used method used to deposit with processing times within 4-7 working days.


Even though Visa is one of the most secure payment methods, it doesn't mean there are no risks involved. If in the rare circumstance that you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of fraud or a company becomes insolvent, you as a consumer is protected by a chargeback scheme on Visa Debit and Prepaid Cards and Section 75 under the consumer credit act on Visa Credit Cards.


When funding your account with Visa Debit / Prepaid card, there will be no fees charged by your bank. However, it is important to note that Visa Credit in the majority of cases will charge a gambling transaction fee which is usually the same charge as when making a credit card cash withdrawal from an ATM Cash machine and you'll charged a higher interest than regular online purchases. It is also worth noting that some UK casinos and bingo sites may charge a small handling fee with the cost shown before depositing.

Using Visa on Bingo and Casino Sites

Visa Cards such as Debit, Prepaid, Electron and Credit Cards is the secure payment method of choice for many bingo players with PayPal following behind. All trustworthy Bingo Reviews and Slot Sites accept Visa which is all of them listed on Glitzy Bingo. If however, you do find a gaming site that doesn't offer Visa payments of any type then might we suggest you avoid playing there.