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Take a moment to think about some of the images that come to mind when imagining a game of slots. The chances are high that you'll immediately imagine fruit symbols found upon multiple reels. Is this merely a coincidence, and if not, why are fruit themed slot machines so popular? Let's take a look at a bit of history in order to better answer this question.

The first mechanical fruit machines were introduced to the San Francisco area in 1894. While initially nothing more than a novelty, they soon caught on. After all, why not try your luck and win it big while paying nothing more than a penny? One developer began to capitalise upon this growing popularity by creating slot machines that contained images of fruit. It is said that fruit was selected due to the fact that the pictures could be easily recognised. This fad soon gained momentum, and even to this day, many slot games found across the United Kingdom as still referred to as "fruit machines".

These are some of the reasons why fruit themed slot games are the most traditional form of slots in existence. Such platforms appeal to a massive audience, and thanks to their random nature, you don't have to possess the skill of a seasoned veteran to take advantage of all that is in store. We should still point out that images of fruit are really just the beginning.

The true appeal of fruit themed slot games involves the hidden extras that emerge on occasion. Examples include (but aren't limited to) progressive jackpots, multipliers, wild symbols, flexible wagering options, and numerous ways to create winning combinations. Thanks to modern technology, you can also enjoy rich graphics, bright colours and immersive backgrounds. We can now see that fruity slot games have come a long way since they were first introduced in 1894.

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