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One category that is full of spectacular colour and vivid storylines is Roman Empire themed slots. You can even learn a little more ancient history at the same time. The Roman Empire was once the mightiest the world had ever seen. It flourished from around 750 BC to almost 500 AD. Altogether, it lasted for approximately 1,000 years. The Roman Empire still influences the world today through its Latin language, literature and laws. And now you can enjoy playing slot games based on the Roman Empire.

All those centuries that contributed to the Roman Empire have left us with an immense catalogue of stories, often about betrayals and heroism. Remember the slave named Spartacus who toiled in the salt mines? He eventually staged a rebellion for freedom that shook the Roman Empire to its core. His bravery lives on in the world of Kirk Douglas' Hollywood film and fast-paced slot games. You can relive the historic moment with every spin of the reels.

Roman Empire themed slots are often based on the characters of some of its most memorable emperors. Julius Caesar made his mark by conquering Gaul and visiting Ancient Britain in 45 BC. Augustus supervised the Golden Age of Rome when favourite legends such as Aeneas' voyage from Troy to found Rome were finally written down. Commodus was the unnerving emperor who loved to pit his own fighting skills against gladiators. But where would the Roman Empire have been without its disciplined army? You can often march with the well-armed, beautifully attired legions whenever you choose to play Roman slot Games.

Browse through the listings of our UK casinos, and you'll easily locate slot games that are Roman Empire-themed. They bring a new dimension to your slot-playing adventures. Take it from us; you can acquire a brand-new interest in Ancient History when choosing slots that are themed on ancient Roman. It's a fascinating category that is full of excitement, energy and adventure.