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Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! This cult slot pays homage to the 1980s comical horror movie!

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Comedy horror films don't get much better than the ones created in the 1980s and Beetlejuice has certainly got to be in the top 10!

Paying homage to this classic, Barcrest has created its own full feature slot game, which we know you'll just love! Beetlejuice Megaways Slots is the spooky but comical slot game available to play on a variety of UK Casinos and Bingo sites; it brings you a 5x6 reel game with 248000 ways to win and plenty of chances to land Free Spins and Multipliers!

Tim Burton's 1988 cult classic Beetlejuice, starring Michael Keaton as its title character, is still popular today more than 30 years after its initial release. For this reason alone it makes prime branding material for a themed online casino. Beetlejuice Megaways has taken the initiative and is using the theme to attract casual eyes and film fans to their slot. But of course, they also need to cater to more experienced gamblers who care less about themes and more about its substance as a quality slot game. 

✨ Where can I play Beetlejuice Megaways Slots?

There are many casinos and bingo websites have Beetlejuice Slots. We have listed the best sites with Beetlejuice Megaways Slots, these include :

  •  Ladbrokes
  •  Virgin Games
  •  Cheeky Bingo
  •  Betfred

About the Developer

Beetlejuice Megaways is a new slot from veteran games company Barcrest, which was formed in 1968. Its purpose then was to design and manufacture analogue fruit machines; a natural precursor to modern-day online casinos and slot production. The rest is history up until 2006 when they branched into interactive gaming for casinos and bingo sites just as the industry was about to hit a boom period with the advent of smart phones. In 2011 they were acquired by the Scientific Games Company and now operate under their banner.


In keeping with the light-hearted nature of its namesake, the slot adopts a colourful and comedic presentation that features the faces of characters representing different values on the reels. Any slot can only benefit from a creative layout that makes it visually appealing while you play, regardless of its other qualities. Blue is the dominant colour with red, yellow and green also featured as borders for different characters. Your multiplier is displayed on the left while free spins and total winnings are shown on the right side.

How to Play Beetle Juice Megawats

If you're familiar with slots this set-up won't seem much different than what you've seen before, but it's also easy to pick up for players new to the whole online slot game. The plus and minus signs can be used to adjust your betting size, with amounts ranging from a 10p minimum bet to £20 a spin. Experienced high rollers may prefer the top end of the scale, but for many casual players eager to have a little fun, the lower end suits just fine - especially if you're just getting used to the game. The Return to Player (RTP) percentage is 96%, meaning for every £100 you play, you'll get £96 of it back on average.

Special Features and Bonuses

Of course this isn't exactly the same as any regular slot game; this is a 'Megaways' variation, which basically means there are more ways to win. In fact, there are a total of 248,832 paylines featured in Beetlejuice Megaways Slots. A figure that big may sound intimidating, but you don't have to worry about keeping track of it. Just know that this only means more possible winning opportunities for the player, with symbols changing on each spin seemingly at random.

Like other online slots, the 'Wild' symbol is one to look out for as it substitutes for all other symbols and can lead to a nice win when it shows up on your reel. The only symbol it doesn't substitute for is the scatter symbol, which itself can help net you a nice bonus. Landing 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols in a row will award you 8, 12 or 16 free spins respectively, potentially leading to even greater bonuses from those resulting free spins. For each win from a free spin, you'll get a multiplier that starts at x1 and only increases for every win, with no limit to how high it can climb during the streak.


The 'Megaways' feature of this slot already makes it a unique game to play and it's complemented nicely by the trickster theme associated with the Beetlejuice film. It can provide plenty of surprises, but those who don't like the uncertainty and prefer going for guaranteed big wins may ultimately be left unsatisfied. Aesthetically though, this game  is certainly worth trying out at least once and you can play it with any of the above listed casinos and bingo sites with Beetlejuice Megaways slots

  • Any combination of wins in a single game is limited and will not exceed £250,000.00. It may not be possible to reach this limit in a single game from every bet configuration.
  • In accordance with fair gaming practices, the outcome of each and every game is completely independent.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.
  • The expected return for this game is 96.00%. This reflects the theoretical return across many plays.
  • BEETLEJUICE and all related characters and elements © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc (s20)
  • The look and feel of the game and its individual components and displays are trade dress of Scientific Games Corp. and its Subsidiaries. TM and © 2020 Scientific Games Corp. and its Subsidiaries. All rights reserved.