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✨ Bouncy Balls Slots :

Developed for  Playtech Bingo & Slot Sites this slot game is extreamly to play, simply select the plus and minus arrows to adjust your fixed bet amount from £0.10 to £10.00 and then press play or autoplay to set the balls in motion.

Payouts vary depending on the number of symbols matched and the total amount staked. The maximum payout is £55,000 - and this doesn't include the progressive jackpot!

You can only play Bouncy Balls Slots with casinos and bingo sites in Real-Play mode for the chance to win real cash and you must be logged in to a site to play it.

✨ Progressive Jackpot

The high-rolling progressive jackpot prize which can potentially reach over £250,000. To win it a player will need to match 8 or more red Fireball symbols consecutively in a vertical or horizontal line. The amount of Jackpot won is based on the amount staked. Staking the maximum bet £10.00 will see a player walk away with 100% of the jackpot while a £0.20 bet will see 2% of the jackpot won which could still be over £1,000.

The Bouncy Balls slot game coughs up some pretty big jackpots from time to time. The biggest recorded jackpot win was £1,155,394 on Mecca Bingo in 1 November 2012, and there have been many big wins into the thousands since with the latest jackpot of £606,645 won in March 2017.

In October 2013, Playtech One pooled the Bouncy Balls Jackpot with two other slot games Block Bashers and Fireworkz Blitz. Block Bashers has a prehistoric theme and Fireworkz Blitz with a Fireworks design. Both of these slot games are Cascading slots similar to Bouncy Balls with the same stakes and gameplay.

Players can now choose to play on any Playtech One sites with Bouncy Balls Slot, Block Bashers and Fireworkz Blitz for the chance to win the same jackpot for a lower bet amount.

✨ Which Bingo Sites have Bouncy Balls Slots?

Bouncy Balls Slots from Playtech can be played on a wide range of bingo websites.  We have lited the best UK bingo sites with Bouncy Balls slots, these include :

  •  Buzz Bingo
  •  Mecca Bingo
  •  Betfred Bingo
  •  Paddy Power Bingo
  •  Ladbrokes Bingo

✨ Summary

Although there are no bonus features, this wacky slot game can be quite a fun experience especially when you match the right combinations of bouncing balls. And although it can get a little repetitive the chance of winning a large jackpot could leave you bouncing for joy!