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Experience Butterfly Staxx, a NetEnt creation with two exciting bonuses. Trigger Butterfly Free Spins with 3 to 5 scatters, offering up to 7 spins and evolving cocoons. Butterfly Re-spins activate when a reel is full of butterflies, with a 600x stake multiplier. 

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Developer NetEnt
Theme Nature

Butterfly Staxx

Begin by choosing the stake that you wish to wager. Depending on the which casino or bingo sites with Butterfly Staxx slot you choose to play this can range anywhere between £0.01 pounds and £2 pounds. Please note that these will translate to "coin" values during a round. These values fall between 1 and 10 (depending upon the initial bet). Players can bet a minimum stake of only £0.20 pounds while the maximum can be up to £400 pounds.

Select the value of your wager by clicking an icon found on the bottom ride-hand side of the lower dashboard. Autoplay and maximum bets are two additional fields available. Assuming that a pay line is hit, it will be illuminated with purple and the amount awarded will be displayed to the player. A maximum of 10 coins can be played per line.

Bonuses and Unique Features

There are two interesting bonuses associated with Butterfly Staxx Slot:

Butterfly Free Spins

A butterfly free spin will occur if between three and five scatters symbols are viewed during a single spin. The player is then awarded between 5 and 7 spins accordingly. There are also times when a cocoon will appear within a reel. Cocoons automatically "evolve" into butterflies. These butterflies will migrate to the left portion of the main screen. It is also important to note that the player will be awarded funds if two butterflies appear during a spin.

Butterfly Re-spins

The second bonus feature which players can enjoy is known as a butterfly re-spin. Butterfly re-spins occur when an entire stack of butterflies is seen on any given reel during gameplay. These butterflies will once again fly to the left-hand side of the reels. Any additional butterflies will begin to fill these reels. If all are occupied by butterflies, the player can enjoy a 600x stake multiplier.

According to developers, the average return to player (RTP) is 96.80 per cent. However, we should note here that this is not a progressive slots game. This is considered to be quite high when compared to similar online video slots.

Much like any game of online slots, NetEnt Slots can be associated with a handful of unique advantages as well as a few potential disadvantages. First and foremost, the graphics and audio effects are awe-inspiring. There is little lag time in terms of responsiveness, and the controls are easy to understand. Still, Butterfly Staxx is rather new, and the RTP percentage rate is somewhat questionable. Some players have also noted that it is nearly impossible to hit three scatters and to obtain the associated bonus but when they do hit the wins are impressive.

Ultimately, Butterfly Staxx slots is a new and exciting online slot machine. It will be interesting to see what changes could be made in the future.

Last Modified: 18th June 2024

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