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Have a frightfully good time with Casper and his Mystery Mirror!

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✨ Playing Caspers Mystery Mirror

An old friend from those far-off days has made a welcome comeback in the form of an exciting and fun-packed online slot, Casper the Friendly Ghost and, more specifically, the superb Casper's Mystery Mirror!

The clever folks at Blueprint Gaming have morphed this loveable character into an even more loveable online gaming experience for wistful punters of a certain age!

Like Rentaghost to our older sisters and brothers, or Scrooge's mates to our parents, in the Ninties, Casper was our ghost of choice, and here he eerily reappears (through a mirror no less) as the theme of this fast-paced game, where the ubiquitous oblong looking glass conjures up spectral happenings, complete with grizzly and ghoulish sound effects and comedic beyond-the-grave imagery and interaction.

Cute old Casper, who first appeared way back in the 1930s, but made a comeback in the mid 1990s with a TV series and a movie, is our guide, and hero, and if there's been a friendlier ghost to base an online slot on, I've yet to doff my hat to him, virtual or not! Available to play on a variety of casino and bingo sites with Casper's Mystery Mirror slots, this infectious game, with its delightful graphics, has the user-friendly and recognisable five reels, and a total of 40 pay lines, along with a simply spooktacular free spins bonus round.

✨ Features

On Casper's Mystery Mirror Slot game the ultimate aim for gamers is the 500 coin jackpot to be had with the sought-after five wilds on your win line, and a myriad of other winning combinations to aim for.

Old Casper himself is the face of the wild card, to be substituted for any other icon, except for the scatter card. The wilds feature is common to a lot of games, and is incorporated well here in a neatly laid-out game that isn't too complicated to play, but with just enough added features to keep you coming back for more.

It also features an array of familiar - and not so familiar - symbols and icons, including creepy candelabras, nines, tens, jacks, queens, kings and aces, along with grimacing ghosts and spooks appearing out of the pages of books, as well as the game's eponymous spectral star himself.

After a hard day at the office keyboard and without a ghost in sight (unless you count the boss), when gaming the up to 50 auto-plays available are a welcome feature from the endless tapping on buttons.

Now you can relax, rest in peace, and be entranced by the piano riffs each spin of the reels produce, horrific, hammy, humorous and howl-inducing, along with the sneering sound effects of laughter with every win, it's like you're starring in your own ghoulish movie, but with the chance to make money from the privilege too.

✨ Bonus Round

The Casper Free Spins Bonus round is enough to haunt any games playing ghoul, it comes into play when your spin produces three Casper Bonus symbols on reels two, three and four. Get these and you're in, for the undoubted highlight of this cute and entertaining online slot. Once activated, you begin your bonus with five free spins, and you can now peer into the activated Mystery Mirror which is now in play. The chance for multiple line wins comes if, by using the free spins, a Mystery Mirror appears on the win lines. This then randomly activates the choice of a symbol, which appears in each Mirror on the reels, with the subsequent win then credited. The welcome extra feature of the Casper Free Spins Bonus round is the opportunity to retrigger the free spins. In a perfect play you can get up to 255 free spins, and some subsequently serious winning opportunities!

✨ Stakes

You can decide on the stake for you, and alter it at any time between spins, up or down, by pressing the clearly defined button, marked with a plus or minus, with the freedom to stake anything between 0.03 right up to 0.50 per line on the one to 40 lines, up to a maximum stake of £20 per spin.


  • RTP - 94.95%%

✨ Casper's Mystery Mirror - Overview

This is even more fun than watching the movie. For starters, it is a lot more grown-up! However, a word of warning to those brave enough to venture into this online world beyond the grave...those eerie piano riffs get in your head, and boy do they stay there! And one other thing, you'll be looking at the world through a magical mirror for days on end after playing this one. All in all Casper's latest online gaming jaunt can be described as frankly fiendish fun! If you want to try this goulish slot out for yourself, you can play with any of the casino / bingo sites with Caspers Mystery Mirror Slots listed above.

Rating: / 5

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