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Gemix is the eye popping slot packed with precious gems with a few lightening bolts to supercharge your game while you explore the colourful world of the Princess, Miner, and the Wizard.

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✨ Game Guide: How to play Gemix Slots

✨ Playing Gemix

Don’t be put off by your first look at the Gemix slot game – you haven’t stumbled upon a kid’s game by mistake! It is played on a seven by seven grid, filled with colourful jewels which glint enticingly as they weave their magic on your senses. What you are trying to do is match up groups of five or more gems of the same colour. When they do match they disappear, you win money, and more gems fall satisfyingly in their place.

There is a crystal to the right of the reels – this charges up with each win, and is activated whenever you win on 20 symbols. When activated, it randomly awards four different bonus features.

  •  Nova Blast - One gem explodes, destroying all the adjacent gems.
  •  Crystal warp - A random symbol is selected, and all matching ones are transformed into different symbols.
  •  Light Beam - A symbol blasts a brilliant ray of light out across the grid, transforming the gems it touches into matching symbols.
  •  Chain Lightning - A flash of lightning joins two opposing corners, transforming all the symbols in its path to match the corners. If you win on 40 gems you Super Charge your game and all wins are trebled.

✨ Bonus Rounds

Gemix Slots Game is more than just a clever online slot – it has three different worlds to open and three levels in each world. You complete a level by matching your gems to the pattern that is shown underneath the charging crystal. The squares turn orange when they are matched, so you know when you are getting close to levelling up.

A World Bonus amount builds up gradually with each win, and you collect that when you move to a new world. This means the longer you take to reach a new world, the bigger your World Bonus will be - an excellent touch.

Each world has its own wild, which appears randomly on non-winning spins.

  •  On World One up to 10 miner’s lamps are scattered across the grid.
  •  One World Two a lollipop wild spreads across the screen.
  •  On World Three you could spin up to eight sticky wild spell books. They will stay put as long as you carry on matching gems.

✨ Which Sites have Gemix Slots?

You can play Gemix slots with many UK casinos and bingo websites. The best sites with Gemix slots include

  •  Lucky Pants Bingo (Bingo & Slots)
  •  Magical Vegas (Slots, Casino)
  •  Kitty Bingo (Bingo & Slots) 
  •  Spin and Win (Slots & Casino)
  •  Mecca Bingo (Bingo & Slots)
  •  Bingo Extra (Slots & Bingo)

✨ Summary

You don’t need a degree in gaming to play Gemix slots, honest! It sounds a lot more complicated than it really is, and what it is a really unique and exciting game that takes you on a totally different journey to most online slot game arcs, and that's putting it mildly.

The levelling up takes place at the perfect pace to keep you hanging on for the next world, and, in the meantime, the wins pile up.

While there are no demos that we are aware of on bingo sites with Gemix slots but you can place a bet from as little as 1p. This game is mesmerising and intriguing, and at all times delightfully entertaining, while giving you a chance to win, and win big.

Rating: / 5

✨ Where to play Gemix?

Gemix is available to play with these top 3 bingo sites: