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A Dark Tale of Love and Intrigue is a heartbeat away on the on Vampire themed Microgaming Immortal Romance Slots!

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One of the main advantages that online slot machines have is that once you get bored with one of them, there's always another version just around the corner. So if you've lost interest in the slot game in which you are currently playing then take a moment and check out Immortal Romance Slots.

This slot is the brainchild of the people that brought you Thunderstruck II. The lovely men and women over at Microgaming, one of the largest companies that produce games for online casinos the world over. Immortal Romance was launched at the end of 2011 and during the time that it's been available it was acquired by a number of different casinos, making your chance to find it in the site you frequent significantly better.


If you've played other games with a romantic atmosphere you're going to find that the Immortal Romance Slots Game has a familiar feeling to it. The story behind the game is filled with vampires and love interests, so it's a perfect game for teenagers, especially teenage girls. Even if you want to play just for the chance to win a piece of the jackpot, you can still immerse yourself in the story and get quite fond of the characters (Sarah, Troy, Amber and Michael). Not only do they have their own story to tell, but they trigger different events as well, but we'll get into that a bit later.

The other symbols add to the atmosphere. The castles, the lion's head, the letter, all of them are a piece of the puzzle that adds to the story. If you aren't a fan of vampire movies, you're going to be after a couple of spins here.


Immortal Romance is a five reel slot game with 243 pay lines. It doesn't feature a progressive jackpot, but there's no lack of extra features in the game. With a wild symbol, a multiplier, a scatter symbol and free spins available you can say that it's got what it takes to keep you entertained for hours.

Bonus Rounds

There are several great bonuses in the Immortal Romance slot, and you are going to love the "Chamber of Spins", special bonus game. That's because every single time it pops up you know you're about to win something. Every time you spin the reel and end up with 3 or more scatter symbols on your screen you're going to win a free tip to this Chamber of Spins. Here, you can unlock the 4 bonus games available inside, each with its own character: Sarah, Michael, Troy or Amber. At first, only the first character will be available to you, but after unlocking the bonus game five times you'll have the second character unlocked as well. Get to the chamber five more times, and the third character is yours to play with. The fourth character - you're probably going to guess this already - can be unlocked after reaching the chamber of spins an additional five times.

Amber, the first unlocked character, will gift you 10 free spins, and the payouts will be multiplied by a factor of five. Upon unlocking Troy, the second character, you can get 15 free spins and a perk called Vampire Bats, which can turn random symbols into multipliers by a factor of 2 or 3. Michael, the third character in the chamber of spins, ups the ante with 20 free spins and a feature called the "Rolling Reels", which can allow you to win up to 5 consecutive times. Last but not least we have Sarah, the last character in the chamber, giving you 25 free spins and her own special perk, the "Wild Vine". If you hit the Wild Vine on the third reel it will automatically and randomly turn other symbols into wild symbols.


The Immortal Romance return is 96.86% Not among the highest paying slots out there, but definitely not among the lowest.

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As I've just said, The Immortal Romance is a clone of Thunderstruck II Slots, one of the most popular slots of the last few years. This can partly explain the success that the Immortal Romance is currently enjoying, but the rest can be simply explained by the fact that it's basically an entertaining game.

Slot Game Overview

If you take into account its high-quality graphics, large payout and the entertaining soundtrack - all of which create an exquisite atmosphere - you've got yourself a recipe for one of the best games of the last few years.