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This is a rather simple slot featuring three rows, five reels and ten paylines - but its relative simplicity doesn't necessarily make it any less fun. Bets may range from as low as 0.10 up to 100, making it accessible to inexperienced players and 'high rollers' alike. For the latter, this game has an intriguing special feature that we'll get to further on.

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QuickSpin has been operating since 2011, when it was founded by entrepreneurs with extensive industry experience working for fellow software developers NetEnt and video game company Electronic Arts.

Following an acquisition by Playtech in 2016, the company gained more resources and a bigger client base with which to operate while retaining the independence to manage their own affairs. Since then production values have noticeably increased, leading to new games like Joker Strike becoming a force in the competitive online casino market.

Joker Strike Gameplay

Once you've selected which online casino or UK bingo sites with Joker Strike you'd like to play simply choose your stake and hit spin. 'Autoplay' is an option whereby reels will spin automatically for a certain number of turns. Of course, you can also spin reels manually. Alongside these, you can see an intriguing button labelled 'Hi Roller', which presents an enriched playing experience by adding extra features to the normal game.

High value symbols to look out for are a red seven, gold star, a bell and the Joker's face. Coloured card symbols represent lower values. There is also a ‘Wild’ symbol that appears on the outside of the game's frame and is especially useful in the Hi Roller mode; this substitutes for other symbols to give you potentially lucrative winning combinations. Its normal Return to Player (RTP) percentage is 96.46%, marginally higher than the average for online slots, though this goes up to 97/98% when you place larger bets in Hi Roller, making for an intriguing risk/high reward strategy if you have more cash to play with.

Joker Strike is available to play on all modern mobile and tablet devices, as well as desktop. Being a simple game to pick up, with a stake of as little as 10p per spin, it looks set to be a popular slot for quick play on mobile.

Bonus features and Jackpot

There are two main bonus features to take note of when playing Joker Strike, one of which we've already mentioned briefly. They are as follows:

Joker Strike

The game's regular signature feature is triggered by a winning combination of symbols. These symbols will show up on the outer ring of the slot, while a light will start spinning around the circle. It will trigger the next stage if it lands on one of the highlighted symbols (if it doesn't, you'll go back to normal play). In the second stage, triggered symbols will be doubled and placed back on the reels, then the win is evaluated. Should you get to this second stage, your potential win may be lucrative. But it could get even more lucrative when combined with the second bonus feature.

Hi Roller

As previously mentioned, this mode is for those with a slightly bigger budget (as its name suggests). There are basically three 'Hi Roller' betting options available depending on how high you're willing to go. They each give you five spins along with notable added features:

  • £20 – one extra wild symbol appears on the outer reel
  • £30 – one extra wild symbol appears on the outer reel; two more wilds are featured in the circle
  • £50 – one extra wild symbol appears on the outer reel, two more wilds are featured in the circle and a second light will also traverse the circle during Joker Strike, boosting your chances to win even further. This represents your best chance of winning big in this game, but as it requires the largest stake, it's a high risk/reward strategy strictly for those who can afford it.

This adds a fair amount of interest and excitement to the game. RTP% when playing in Hi Roller mode ranges from 97.89-98.11%, offering a further incentive to players who can afford to play with more funds. This is the closest thing the Joker Strike slot has to a jackpot, with the maximum potential win being up to 1200 times your stake. Bear in mind though that there are never any guarantees when it comes to slot machines or indeed gambling in general.


Experienced slot players may find the simplicity of Joker Strike to be a little galling. With no free spin or progressive jackpot features, and no 'bonus games' other than the Hi Roller mode, it can seem at first glance that this slot is lacking somewhat in things that are easily found elsewhere.

However, this particular online slot machine's strength is rooted in its simplicity. One can pick up and play it easily with a good chance of winning without chasing an elusive jackpot that most likely won't come. This is reflected in its brightly coloured blue theme, with a starry background and joker mascot. If you're specifically looking for light-hearted fun and a simple chance to win some cash along the way, you need not look any further.

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Joker Strike is the latest online slot machine from QuickSpin. It has a light-hearted colourful theme featuring various symbols from popular playing cards - hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds - with a mischievous Joker serving as the slots mascot. He overlooks proceedings and may even have a part to play in whether you win, or how much you win.