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Developer SG Interactive
Theme Rainbow Riches Irish

Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches is based on the Barcrest coin-guzzling Fruit machine classic which resonates with many Pub frequenters up and down the British Isles which has since been replaced with the video slot machines in various arcades, casino clubs and bingo halls as well as on various online Bingo Sites and Casinos.

Over the years the classic Rainbow Riches slot game has fast become one of the most popular titles available to play online in the UK, favoured by seasoned betting pros, bingo players and newcomers alike. No doubt this is due to its excellent graphics, high payout rate, exciting bonus rounds and unique features as it is by the option to play it in your pants eating toast without getting stigmatised by a room full of pint drinking pub patrons.

Rainbow Riches Slots - Game Play

No matter if you play on casinos or bingo sites with Rainbow Riches the classic rules of the game is almost identical with a few catered tweaks here and there.

Set up like the vast majority of Barcrest online video slot games, Rainbow Riches online slot offers players a full 5 reels with up to potentially 20 paylines per spin. The combination of extreme flexibility of the games initial set up (you can alter the parameters on both the pay lines and stakes per spin, but more on that later) and a more than very, very, very appealing jackpot. As well as all the standard winning combinations available, (a jackpot of 500 coins can be won lining up 5 gold leprechaun coins) the game also features various special iconography to enhance gameplay via several bonus rounds.

Stakes usually vary depending on which Rainbow Riches slot sites you play on. On average most online bingo websites and casinos allow you to increase or decrease the size of your stakes starting from 0.01 per pay line up to 20 pay lines by simply using the stake/line -/+ buttons. On top of this, you’re also able to use the lines -/+ button to decrease and increase the number of lines you’d like to play.

The game also features a nifty auto spin function, this means that if you want minimal interaction with the slot you can set a desired numbers of spins and let it churn away in the background whilst you make a cup of tea or trim the garden hedges until the game either hits something that requires your interaction (e.g. a bonus game).

Bonus Rounds

If you’re lucky enough to find three or more Leprechauns gurning back out at you across any pay lines, you’ll be whisked away to play the “Road to Riches” bonus game, with extended potential to land some serious multipliers and jack up your current winnings tenfold. Landing three or more of the wishing well symbol grants you access to the (rather aptly named) “Wishing Well” bonus game, which also involves the opportunity to strike some big money through the form of multipliers. Finally, if you find three of the pot of gold symbol lined up all neatly across the middle payline, well, you’re one lucky so-and-so who's just been granted access to the “Pots of Gold” bonus game, which, unsurprisingly, offers multipliers with the potential to send your winnings skywards in a big way.


Bright, colourful, fun and easy to play with the potential to really strike it big thanks to those three additional bonus rounds, it’s easy to see why those oh-so-familiar cumbersome cubes littering pubs across the land are simply becoming dust-gathering monuments to how slots used to be played thanks to online versions such as Rainbow Riches.

Recommended Sites with Rainbow Riches Slots

There are many versions of this classic slot but for anyone who enjoys playing the original can do so any most gambling sites in the UK. Our recommendations of casinos and bingo sites with Rainbow Riches slots include:

Free Play Demjo

These days it is a rarity to find online gaming sites which have a Rainbow Riches free play demo. Sites to try which have a variety of demo games for verified members aged 18 and over include Mecca Bingo and Virgin Games.


With the triple bonus bonanza and the great gameplay, it's no surprise Rainbow Riches slots is among the elite ot slot games. I haven't even mentioned the juicy 500 coins jackpot, won by getting five shiny Wild Gold Leprechaun coins across the reels.
All I can wish you is the luck of the Irish, so you'll be looking thankfully towards the Emerald Isle and counting your very own cash pile of Rainbow Riches!

Last Modified: 18th June 2024

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