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Roxor Gaming (Formerly Gamesys) really have made you an offer you can't refuse with the chance to play the exciting slot game based on the film The Godfather.

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✨ Game Guide: How to play The Godfather Capos and Foes Slots

✨ Playing The Godfather Capos and Foes

The game opens with a background that fans of the film will clearly recognise as Don Corleone's garden. With 25 paylines, there are lots of opportunities to win. You can also win your way to a bonus round where you will get to choose one of three possible options set in the restaurant where Michael Corleone faces Captain McClusky in a pivotal moment from the film. Famous characters from the film, including Don Corleone himself, will appear throughout the game.

✨ How to Play

Once you open the Godfather game, the slots screen will appear against a background of Don Corleone's garden. You can select the coin size that you want for your stake by using the + and – buttons at the bottom of the screen. The coin value that you can choose has a really wide range from 1p up to £8. Once you have decided on your stake, just hit the Spin button to spin the reels. The game has 25 paylines and winning ones will be shown after each spin of the reel. You can then decide if you want to repeat your original bet for the next spin or change your stake. You can also hit the Auto button to activate the auto spin facility in the game.

✨ Bonus and Features

Foes Free Spin Bonus – this generous bonus round is triggered when you land three or more bonus symbols on the reels. You will then be offered a choice between three separate bonus options:

Five Free Spins and Wild Reels - where Al Neri, the deadly Mafia assassin, appears and shoots 1-5 of the reels to turn them into Wilds for each of the free spins.

The Shootout - where you are given seven free spins and random wilds which are shot onto symbols at the end of each free spin.

The Lucky Bullet - which gives you 10 free spins and multipliers. It will make your pulse race and you will feel like you are playing Russian Roulette when, after each winning free spin, the cylinder of a gun will appear and spin to award you either between 1-3 extra free spins or a win multiplier of x3, x5 or x10.


All of the three bonus options listed above are set against the background of the Italian restaurant where Michael Corleone has a dramatic and deadly encounter with the New York Police Captain McCluskey.

Capo Spins – this feature can occur randomly whenever you are playing the game. The symbols for Don Corleone and his two capos Pete Clemenza and Salvatore Tessio will turn into mixed Capo scatters surrounded by a red flame. They will create a win when they land in any combination, so there is the potential for some big wins.

✨ Demo

If you want to try The Godfather slot game to see if you like the various features, then you should check on the Gamesys sites with Godfather Slots such as As a member, you may be offered a free to play demo version so you can see if you enjoy the game.

RTP The Godfather game has a high RTP of 95.96%. RTP stands for return to player and the percentage is the amount that a player is expected to win relation to the amount that has been bet on the game overall. So, if players had bet a total of £100 on the Godfather game, the amount that would, on average, be paid out as winning is £95.96.


✨ Overall Thoughts

The Godfather film is definitely one of the best-known films in the world and even people who haven't seen it will recognise the image of Marlon Brando as Don Corleone and will probably even be able to recite some of the most famous quotes. Therefore, Roxor Gaming (Formerly Gamesys) are clearly onto a winner with this game and its instantly recognisable theme and familiar characters. The use of characters from the film as symbols on the reel works well, and the other symbols such as machine guns and olive oil are all appropriate to the Godfather theme. The layout of the game is attractive, and the switch from the attractive sun-filled garden background to the restaurant background in the bonus round options gives a touch of menace particularly if you already know what happened there in the film. The sudden appearance of Al Neri to shoot the reels in the Five Free Spins and Wild Reels Bonus Option is also very effective. The Lucky Bullet Bonus Option is also presented very effectively and reminds you of a game of Russian Roulette which helps to increase the tension as you wait to see where the cylinder will click and what prize you will be awarded. My only thought was that the use of the famous Godfather music throughout the game would have added to the atmosphere even more.

The fact that there are three different bonus options to choose from once you have managed to reach the bonus round means that the game stays interesting for longer as there are more ways to win and the random Capo Spins feature means you never know when you may have a big win. If you are a fan of the Godfather film, then you will also be interested in keeping playing to see what other film characters may appear in the game. The game is subtitled Capos and Foes, so I was waiting to see if any enemies of the Corleone family would appear.

There is definitely lots of potentials for Gamesys to take this theme even further as there were two sequels to the original Godfather film, so they have plenty of material available to create further Godfather games.

Rating: / 5

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