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Tiki Paradise is a 10-line slot by Playtech which boasts a refreshing 'paradise' setting. Play on Playtech One bingo sites with Tiki Paradise Slots and enjoy a randomly triggered bonus that may give you the best possible winning combination, and 10 free spins if you land on Free Game symbols scattered throughout this paradisical game!

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✨ Game Guide: How to play Tiki Paradise Slots

✨ Playing Tiki Paradise

As a regular slot player, we often think of Tiki slots as games which belong to Gamesys such as Tiki Island Slots and Tiki Totems Slots but Playtech have shown that they can produce a really great exciting Tiki themed Slot Game.

Like all good slots, Tiki Paradise is easy to pick up for a casual spin, but there's always more for seasoned players to discover about the game with a little patience. Play online or on mobile with Tiki Paradise slots sites operating on the Playtech / Playtech One network with any HTML-compatible device, wagering options ranging from as little as 20p to as much as £100 per spin.

By no means do you need any previous slot experience to jump straight in here; entering a wager in-game is simple and easy on the bottom left of the screen, while gameplay buttons are large and impossible to miss including differently coloured options for 'auto play' (dark green), 'turbo mode' (ocean blue), 'Hi Roller' (purple) and, of course, 'Spin' (leafy green). The entire experience, boosted by its easy-going imaginative theme, is immensely relaxing and immediately accessible.

Looking at the 5-reel slot at face value, you'll see multiple symbols staring back at you. These include four playing cards - A (most valuable), K, Q and J - as well as four 'death masks' marked by varying colourful designs, and the flaming 'WILD' torch symbol. The latter acts like your 'Joker'; a valuable wildcard that substitutes for the other symbols and can help string together winning runs. In Tiki Paradise, this flaming torch is otherwise known as the 'scatter' symbol.

Bonus and Other Features

There are of course multiple opportunities here to land bonuses that will boost your potential winnings, such as the aforementioned Wild Nights feature. This appears at irregular intervals beyond your direct control, giving you the chance to select a single reel to become the 'trigger window'. Should a stacked wild symbol then land in this window, you'll receive a Win Shuffle, which will re-configure the reels for a set time period; as a result, you're likely to receive a much better combination of symbols.

As mentioned, you'll also have the chance to win ten additional free spins if the 'Free Games' scatter symbol appears on the odd-numbered reels simultaneously. The free spins come with two modifiers that can enhance what you win, including further bonuses such as multipliers and other stacked wilds.

On top of these bonus opportunities, you have the chance to win bigger if you're willing to stake more thanks to the Hi Roller feature. The qualifying cost is 10x your normal stake, which means the minimum stake on which you can take advantage of this bonus feature is £2 - 10x the normal 20p minimum. This also means you can stake a maximum of £1000 (10x the max £100 otherwise), opening up an extra level of gameplay potential for the bigger spenders - or the 'high rollers', so to speak. Hi Roller will give you five additional free spins (to include a guaranteed stacked wild) and a superior version of Wild Nights, offering bigger and better opportunities to win more.


Tiki Paradise is an incredibly simple slots game to pick up and play on Playtech / Playtech One Bingo slots sites, along with flexible staking options ranging from 20p for casual players to a potential £1000 via the Hi Roller feature. Whichever way you like to play, there's something here to hold one's interest even if you were to look no further than its refreshing beach-set paradise theme and accompanying sound effects.

Rating: / 5

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