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Taking its inspiration from Pacific’s famous Ring of Fire, Volcano Riches online slot pays homage to the Polynesian culture with grass skirts and carved monolithic human figures.

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✨ Playing Volcano Riches

Volcano Riches uses Polynesia for its inspiration. The island is a popular tourist stop for its exquisite beaches and fascinating culture. What makes it a suitable design choice for this game, is the volcanoes that form ‘The Ring of Fire’ in the Pacific. This region, which assumes the shape of a horseshoe, comprises of some of the most active volcanoes in the world. QuickSpin incorporated a little bit of Polynesian culture to give the game authenticity. There is the live action volcano Kilauea that is the source of the ‘Volcano Wilds’ as it erupts, providing players with more features to enjoy.

You get Pele, the Goddess of Fire to guide you through the journey as you delve deeper into the fiery volcano. The game includes male and female dancers dressed in the traditional attire of grass skirts. The carved human figures that you encounter within the game represent Islanders and make it that much more realistic. You also have hollowed-out canoes, Tikis and other illustrations. The visuals are completed with lively Hula tunes that you can bob to as you try out your luck.

The Game Play

The first step to entering the fiery world of Volcano Riches is wagering the desired amount. Once you log into your online casino, deposit the minimum required. Note that this varies from one platform to the next. When the reel is full, it has Pele- the goddess, the male and female dancer with the fire queen earning the highest payout. It means that landing the goddess on all five reels would earn you a big jackpot. The Tiki statues are the lowest value. Casinos with autoplay options allow you to spin without being interrupted for a certain number of times. Understanding the different features of the game is essential to come up with a playing strategy.

Volcano Wild

Two crucial elements of the slot game are the Volcano Wild and Wild emblem symbols. The Wild emblem is a regular wildcard and can be found on any reel. This regular wild with a winning combination can pay from 40 up to 1,000 times on a line bet. If you get the wild symbol, it will erupt, releasing two to five extra Wilds that can end up on any reel. These additional symbols can also explode if there is a Volcano Wild icon included. When the Wilds erupt, they rain down around the play area. Every discharge of Wilds can generate more as long as there is a potent card in there.

The extra Volcano Wilds are set on the reel but only on the third one. Because these are wild cards, it means that they can replace other icons on the reel, but they have to be nearby. Despite only being available on reel 3, Volcano Wild is one of the most powerful icons. However, a single Base Spin will only result in one Volcano Wild symbol. The Volcano Wild icon and Free Spins cannot be triggered.

Other features that you have to be aware of when playing Volcanic Riches are the Scatters, which are represented by a golden sun icon. This symbol is found on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels in a single base spin. If you spin the slot and get three Scatters, then the Bonus Spins activate. You can chance up to 10 free spins. Note that you can play Volcano Riches both ways- left to right or vice versa. The game is not designed to trigger extra spins, though.

Making the Most of Volcano Riches

Most slot machines have bonus features to entice players to keep wagering money, and Volcano Riches is no exception. You can receive regular bonuses, and a good strategy is to ensure that you get as many as possible. The fact that you can spin either way and win increases your chances. This functionality is one plus side that Volcano Riches has over a few other slots.

When playing with bonus spins, you have an advantage that can boost your payout. Volcano Wilds generated during the bonus spin can settle on reels 2 and 4, giving you a probability of up to eight wild cards. Players should know that with bonus spins, the top win is the only one that gets paid per line.

Of course, there are exclusive casino bonuses to factor in. You can find a casino that has a welcome package of find or free spins that you can use on Volcano Riches to boost your wins. Another attractive opportunity is getting wilds to transform as many symbols as possible when they land on the reel after discharging. The Volcano Wild can create up to 5 new wilds, which translate to higher chances of winning. Creating more wilds is a common feature in slot games, but with Volcano Riches, players get to maximise their wins dramatically.

✨ Who It's Suited For

Anyone who appreciates a vibrant slot machine will find Volcano Riches a fun adventure. Trying to navigate through erupting volcanoes fills anyone with trepidation, and this game offers that in plenty. With some of the deadlines volcanoes on the background, expect nothing but fast-paced action. The clear and brilliant graphics spruce up the game and turn it into visual candy. Away from the aesthetics, Volcano Riches comes with some big gambles and, therefore, is suitable for players with high-risk tolerance. First-timers should try out demo versions of the game to get a feel for it. Be ready for some unpredictable gameplay because the slot has the temperament of a volcano. One minute you have a bunch of Wilds erupting, and the next, you don't. While some may not offer this feature and you wouldn't know until you sign up and login, any casino and bingo sites with Volcano Riches which have Free play provides an opportunity for beginners to grasp more than just the basic gameplay and learn how to develop winning strategies.

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✨ Summary

Games from the Swedish developer are always of a high standard and, therefore, you will find them on many reputable online casinos and bingo sites. With a return to player rate of 96.43%, players can expect regular payouts. Gamblers can rely on the consistency of the slot game but as with any casino product, risks are involved, and a player should only wager funds they are willing to lose. The interface is simple, and the bright coloured theme makes navigation trouble-free.

QuickSpin always delivers when it comes to interactive play and Volcano Riches online slot more than meets expectations. The game is designed with a focus on authenticity, including figures that represent the Polynesian culture. From the statues to the Goddess of Fire to the music, it's hard for players to forget the theme of the slot machine. The game is deceptively tricky, and engaging with the Volcano Wild features raising the unpredictability even further. If you need a new slot game with high risk and favourable winning chances, then Volcano Riches is a nice find.

Rating: / 5

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