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Saddle Up and get ready to ride the reels with these Wild West Slots!

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Yee-hah! Saddle up and head for the Ol' Wild West for a taste of thrilling bandit action that made John Wayne's cowboy films so massively popular. Wild West themed slots are perfect for conjuring up the danger and romance of nineteenth-century America. It's a place where you'll find cowboys and bandits roaming amongst dusty frontier towns wedged amongst the baking hot deserts of California and Arizona.

Wesern themed slot games are full of unforgettable characters. They are often based on real life legends. They may include desperadoes such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and many other infamous outlaws. You could find yourself spinning the reels with tough, rough cowboys who aren't afraid to be daring. You may even come across law-abiding citizens such as sheriffs. One of the most successful was the legendary Wyatt Earp. Confronting outlaws in Wild West slots could include action such as shoot outs like Earp's at the OK Corral in 1881.

When you play Wild West themed slots, you can look forward to games that are packed full of excitement and drama. You may even find yourself accompanying hapless bandits as they attempt to rob a passing steam train on its way through the lawless western states of the US. Many of the slot games that are Wild West themed evoke a strong image with place names that could include Tombstone or Dodge City. You may even be transported to a gold digging frontier town such as Deadwood.

Choosing slot games themed on the Wild West means you're sure to come across high-quality fun and entertainment. You may find these slots set in an old saloon or out in the cactus-filled Badlands where the sun is as fierce as the cowboys. Our array of UK casinos sites are sure to feature many of the most popular slots that are Wild West themed. Get your Stetson and spurs ready, then head for the Ol' Wild West. You'll find the best slots listed that are full of cowboys, Native Indians and outlaws.