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Online Bingo Tips - A - Z

Do you know your Bingo Lingo?

Find out what things really mean in the world of online bingo with Glitzy's own handy a-z of online bingo tips!

Bingo Tips A-Z

Auto Daub - Daub pronounced where I come from as dob is the term to numbers being marked off a bingo ticket (card). In paper bingo you dob numbers with a pen, online, they are auto daubed so you can sit back and have a cuppa as your numbers come in!

Ball - in the clubs Bingo is traditionally played with numbered balls, but in only bingo, it is the term given to the number of bingo numbers in a game for example 90 ball bingo, 50 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo etc .

Chat Host - these are friendly members of staff who sit and moderate the rooms to help keep it social and entertaining. They love to chat with players and often play chat games with players.

Deposit - funding your online bingo account with real money via a payment method is called making a deposit or depositing into your account. You may even get a first-time deposit bonus.

Entertainment - Bingo was created to be a form of entertainment but as it’s gambling remember to play responsibly!

First-time deposit bonus - a form of welcome offer whereby when you make a deposit you may receive a first-time deposit bonus welcome offer

Games - play bingo games, side games, slot games, chat games - when you play bingo you’ll be playing great games!

House - win the final game and you’ve won the house prize which is the main prize pot get a hat trick and you’ve won a full house!

I in Bingo - There is no I in Team but there are two in Winning!

Jackpot - is a huge flashy amount of money anyone can win in bingo. Guaranteed jackpots is the house prize, and a progressive jackpot is a prize which builds up until it is won within a certain amount of calls!

Karaoke Bingo - has absolutely nothing to do with online bingo, but it’s a fun game where you play with a group of people. All players get a card that looks like a regular bingo card but instead of having numbers it has music genres and artists & part of a song title. It’s a fun party game!

Lingo - LOL, WDW, GL, BLNT it’s all a load of chat room jargon! Learn the lingo and see what players are really saying!

Mobile - online bingo sites are now mobile and tablet friendly which means you can play bingo anywhere on Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle etc etc

Numbers - the total amount of numbers in a game, numbers on your bingo card, numbers of people in a bingo room! Let’s face it Bingo is a game of numbers!!

Online Bingo - fancy a game of bingo on the World Wide Web ? then you’ll want a UK online bingo site to play a game of online bingo!

Players - anyone playing bingo is called a player. A player plays bingo against players that play bingo in a bingo room.. get it? ;)

Quick - some players like bingo games to be slow while others want it quick in Speed Bingo rooms!

Responsible - Bingo is a game of chance and although it can be fun it is also gambling. Set deposit limits or self-exclude when needed and always play responsibly! When the fun stops, Stop!

Sites - short hand term used when looking for different bingo websites, such as find U.K. bingo sites.

T&Cs - terms and conditions are an extremely important part of online bingo which vary between bingo sites. It’s important to read them as they detail how you win, how you can claim a bonus or welcome offer and what wager requirement is needed before you can withdraw your winnings.

Ukash - now Paysafecard is an electronic payment system where you pay for bingo via vouchers using a code that you have purchased in a store.

Variant - a term used to describe bingo games which are different for example Deal or No Deal Bingo variant is a 90-ball bingo game with a twist which features an additional prize round, and Cinco is a variety of bingo which uses playing cards instead of numbers.

Wager Requirements - most have them! It is a term which applies to bonuses such as cash match and free spins. If you accept a bonus of any type on a bingo site, then you may be required to turn the bonus and/or deposit over x-amount of times before you can withdraw winnings back to your bank. These requirements differ between sites so read the t&cs first!!

Xmas - Best time of the year for advent calendar bingo promotions and festive events!

YouTube - great place to find new and old bingo tv advertisements

Zebra - just read those t&cs as things are not always black-and-white, its the only way you can really be in with a chance of winning at bingo!