Glitzy Bingo Compliance Statement


As a responsible affiliate that promotes online gambling sites which hold a UK Gambling Licence, GlitzyBingo would like to remind and reassure all visitors and affiliate partners that we are fully aware of the importance of being compliant with the UKGC, ASA and ICO regulations (see link for more detail https://www.asa.org.uk/resource/gambling.html). This is our Compliant statement outlining the steps Glitzy Bingo have taken to ensure that the services provided to our visitors are socially responsible and meet advertising marketing rules within the UK.

Glitzy Bingo operates two portals as to promote gambling - GlitzyBingo.co.uk and GlitzyVegas.co.uk along with several social media accounts which are listed below for reference.

Significant Terms & Conditions

We actively work to ensure that the promotions advertised on all our sites are up to date and in no way mislead our users. Where required, we include terms and conditions and wagering requirement notices. Our disclaimer on every page indicates that all sites are advertisements for UK residents aged 18 or over only and players need to read the T&Cs on each individual site before signing up and to gamble responsibly. We also ensure that a direct link to each advertised site maintains the regulatory requirement that all significant terms are at least one click away for the user.

Banners & Creative Imagery

GlitzyBingo self-host banners and work to update these on a weekly basis / and when we receive notification of any changes by our affiliate partners to ensure that they do not go out of date. Where there are no banners available, we will show a compliant brand logo.

Most of the imagery on GlitzyBingo are brand logos and print screens displayed within a carousel to show examples of each site for our users. Where a special promotional offer is advertised, a notification to show that terms and conditions apply is displayed.

Following the rules of The Gambling Act 2005, all ads are socially responsible and do not appeal to under-18s in particular.

Social Media Promotions

GlitzyBingo does not engage in any paid marketing campaigns on social media; all marketing is organic to those that have consented and opted in to follow and receive information from GlitzyBingo on social media. All our social media profiles are compliant in regards to displaying the following: please gamble responsibly notices, 18+, T&Cs Apply, and other relevant information. On Facebook, our audience is restricted to those who are aged 18 or over within the UK. We do not hold a database of any user following GlitzyBingo on social media.

Any promotional material that feature on our social media pages are now linked direct to GlitzyBingo.co.uk so as not to look as though we have advertised on behalf of any brand promoted.

Our social media pages are as follows:

Email and SMS Marketing

GlitzyBingo does not partake in Email marketing, SMS marketing or Telephone marketing campaigns, therefore, does not keep a database of identifiable data.

Other Types of Promotion

GlitzyBingo does NOT engage in any of the following types of promotional or marketing channels:

  • Postal Marketing
  • Pop-unders
  • Push Notifications
  • Media buying
  • Buying ads via a programmatic ad-exchange
  • Challenge / tipping style pages
  • Adult Networks
  • Illegal Streaming Sites
  • ‘Advertorial’ style marketing

Responsible Gambling

GlitzyBingo provides useful information and links to BeGambleAware.org and to our Responsible Gambling info page linked to from the footer of every page.

Updated 27th January 2018