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QuickFire which launched in 2010 is a platform powered by Microgaming to provide the very best slots and games to a wide variety of bingo and casino sites for play on desktop and mobile.

Their product range of games includes Casino, Poker, Bingo, and Live Dealer. The company also hosts the world’s largest progressive jackpot network.

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Introducing QuickFire Games

Most people who already dabble in the world of online casinos will be familiar with the operator Microgaming - one of the foremost pioneers of the industry, having established the first online casino in the mid-1990s. Since then online casinos and bingo sites have continued to grow and flourish, with smartphones offering ever greater potential for mobile gambling, and Microgaming continues to set the bar as the industry's top operator to this day.

This brings us to QuickFire, who are not a design company in their own right but a user-friendly integration platform powered by parent company Microgaming, giving online casino operators and, by extension, players better and easier access to their games.

QuickFire founded in June 2010 and it acts primarily as an intuitive outlet for the very best Microgaming content on desktop and mobile. New games are released monthly, ensuring a regular flow of fresh content for existing players, with over 400 original and licensed titles currently available on the platform. In addition, games are available to play in 20 different languages and multiple currencies.

These features coupled with highly compliant software have made QuickFire a popular choice, especially among casino operators who wish to focus on the lucrative casino gaming market on mobile devices. As these operators can manage player experiences and maintain their own brand identity, this explains why many players may still be unaware quite how much of a vital component QuickFire is in this industry despite enjoying many slots and games using their software.


As QuickFire is a platform that provides access to an ever-increasing range of games from Microgaming and other development partners, their selection is quite possibly the best and largest in the online casino market. Among such a wide selection, of course, there are always specific favourites that end up being the most popular with players.

5-reel slots are popular on the QuickFire platform, while they have a smaller selection of 3-reel slots as well. Of the former, popular titles include Jewels of the Orient, an Asian themed 9-payline slot that takes players around various oriental countries including China, Japan, Korea and Thailand. Exotic designs tend to be popular with players as they stand out in an overcrowded market and this one fits the bill nicely.

Another popular 5-reel slot is the 15-payline Kings of Cash, considered a slightly older favourite. It's a light-hearted slot featuring four Kings designed as variations of the King in a pack of cards, alongside other symbols such as a throne and a coat of arms. The game also has a 'Wild' feature in the form of the Kings of Cash logo.

As well as original slots, there's no shortage of themed slots available, and these tend to be incredibly popular among players too. Of course they are - who wouldn't want to play a slot based on The Terminator or Game of Thrones (or almost any other popular film or TV show)? Whatever your specific taste, there's a strong chance you'll find something perfectly suited to you among QuickFire's wide ranging selection.

Casino Games

Plenty of variants in poker, bingo, roulette and other table games are also available via the QuickFire slots software.

Their innovative roulette variants tend to be among the most popular games offered. Classic American, European and French variations are available for traditional players, but it's the unique Multi Wheel and Multi-Player roulette which really stands out. The former allows you to bet on 8 wheels simultaneously, while you can interact and play with other players around the world via the latter.

Blackjack is, of course, another popular casino table game, and QuickFire's impressive 18 different variants, ranging from classic versions to more unique twists on the formula, cater to players of all tastes.

Popular QuickFire Slots Sites

Quickfire have partnered with with hundreds of casino operators  in dozens of jurisdictions around the world, operators such as The Rank Group and William Hill, sites include :

  • Grosvenor Casinos


Game Quality

For such a wide range of games available, the QuickFire name is also an impressive mark of quality due largely to their association with Microgaming slots, who continue to set the bar by which all others are measured in this industry.

Betting limits across all games generally range from as little as 1p to as high as several hundred pounds (or your currency equivalent), meaning they cater to casual players and high rollers alike. Furthermore, their RTP percentage tends to be above 95%, and is most attractive in their Blackjack range where it typically exceeds 99.5%.

Added to this are the high production values and creative flair of their original and themed titles, which contribute heavily to QuickFire being the number one choice for online play among casino operators and players.


Though QuickFire are not too widely known among players in the online casino market, due to being developed primarily with other casino operators in mind, they've certainly contributed to the current booming popularity of online casino play. A focus on instant play has made their games especially popular on mobile. With Microgaming at the helm, they'll likely continue to redefine this industry in new and creative ways.