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SG Interactive is one of the most well-known and trusted online gaming providers with a history which can be traced as far back as the pinball era of the 1940s.

Interestingly enough, this company is also related to other major slots developers including Bally Interactive and William Interactive.

A Quick Overview of SG Interactive

SG Interactive is primarily known for three types of games:

  • Slots
  • Table games
  • Third-party variants


In order to cater to a growing international audience, the company has offices located in major metropolitan areas including Chicago, Manchester, Las Vegas, Stockholm and Tel Aviv. One of the reasons why SG Interactive has continued to enjoy such popularity is that they recently changed over to the HTML5 framework. This essentially signifies that their games should be able to play on all platforms. They are also heavily interested in migrating further into the mobile gaming and social media communities in order to showcase some of the games that are available. This independent developer churns out updated platforms on a regular basis and the majority of large online casinos will employ their software.

Interactive Online Slots

It is quite interesting to note that SG Interactive has produced more than 200 online slots variants to date. This is due in no small part to the fact that well-known brands such as Bally and WMS are direct affiliates. This company has also grown large enough to be able to utilise branded content. Some titles within their selection include Star Trek, The Wizard of Oz, Monopoly and Titanic. It is therefore easy to appreciate why third-party casinos have been eager to include such games within their portfolio. Branded content is also quite popular within the playing community, so the ROI associated with these and other games is impressive.

Additional Virtual Casino Games

While it may be argued that SG Interactive is primarily known for their presence within the online slots community, we should also point out that they specialise in a host of bespoke table games. Some noteworthy examples include:

  • Key Bet Roulette
  • Four-Card Poker
  • Ultimate Texas Hold'em
  • DJ Wild Stud Poker


There are an equal number of third-party brands available through SG Entertainment. These platforms have incorporated some of the most iconic names in entertainment including (but not limited to) Wonder Woman, Anchorman, Clue, Tetris, and Cirque du Soleil. Once again, this library continues to grow and it is highly likely that avid online casino fans have come across at least one of these titles in the past.

Quality and Reliability

The games themselves are known for their quality in terms of graphics and interactivity. Having said this, we should keep in mind that there are several developers currently working in conjunction with SG. It, therefore, stands to reason that certain titles might be slightly more impressive in terms of the user experience. Notable examples include Monopoly, Empire and Frozen Inferno. In the same respect, other platforms such as King's Ransom and Dragon wheel could do with a bit of improvement. This is nonetheless a subjective observation, and the ultimate interpretation will depend upon the preferences of the player.

Still, the variety associated with SG Interactive is not to be taken lightly. Some games are simple in their layout while others boast detailed graphics and three-dimensional levels. This is important to recognise, as players with slower Internet connections can still leverage the fun associated with more generic options.

SG Interactive Sites

You can play SG Interactive slots and games on a wide variety of platforms include Gamesys and Dragonfish platforms. Top sites include:


Putting it All Together

Although the name SG Interactive might not be familiar as other developers such as Microgaming, they have nonetheless had a profound impact upon the online casino industry. They continue to offer quality slots to third-party portals and players should expect the very same levels of quality and reliability that have come to define this firm. It is always wise to check back at their official website on a regular basis to see what new games are entering into the marketplace.