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If you're looking to join an online bingo site for the first time or try your luck with an online video slots casino, then you're spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding on where to play. Many bingo sites and casinos allow new players to try before they play with special welcome offers such as no deposit bingo bonuses and no deposit free spins promotions.

These bonuses can certainly look attractive, but understanding the ins and outs of each type of offer is crucial in ensuring you make the most of your bonus and don't fall foul of the small print. So it is imperative that you read the t&cs in full before signing up and claiming any type of offer.

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No Deposit Bingo Bonuses

Without a doubt, the most common form of no deposit bingo bonus is reserved for new players. Packaged as a 'welcome bonus' or 'sign-up bonus', in theory, these bonuses give you a free bonus cash allowance to spend on your favourite bingo games with no monetary investment on your part whatsoever. As it is not real money you are best thinking of it as monopoly money.

All a player needs to do in order to activate such a no deposit bingo bonus is to register on any given bingo site advertising such an offer and provide their details. Some sites may require you to enter a code, or register a card, so please read the fine print before signing up.

Things to Remember

The prospect of playing with 'free cash' can be very alluring to new players, but it's worth remembering that in this day and age, it's very hard to find an offer that promises something for nothing. For a start, make sure you are in fact locking in on a no deposit bonus and not a matched deposit bonus. The latter is a common promotional tool where an online bingo platform will match any money you lay out as an initial deposit with bonus credit. Another key thing to consider about no deposit bonuses is that, however meaty the bonus amount might be, you'll almost always have to fork out financial investment from your own kitty before being able to make good on any winnings accrued. So you should really only use no deposit bonuses as a way to enjoy to test out a few free games on the house before you wager your own money.

Wagering Requirements

When it comes to understanding the worth of any no deposit bonus, the specifics of wagering requirements are crucial. A bingo platform might offer you a very enticing welcome offer that promises, for example, £100 in free play no deposit bonuses. However, it'll no doubt carry with it a very limiting restriction when it comes to wagering requirements. For example, in order to be able to claim any winnings you might have built up from betting with that £100, you may find yourself having to wager 10 times the initial no deposit bonus amount beforehand. That means you'll have to wager with £1000 of capital.

You may, of course, find yourself with a lucky streak that means you can achieve this wagering requirement with pure winnings. However, the chances are is that you'll have to supplement your no deposit starter with your own money in order to achieve this wagering requirement.

Another thing to pay attention to when looking at no deposit bonuses is that many carry with them incredibly tight time restrictions. In essence, you'll need to meet the wagering restrictions laid out in the terms and conditions within an incredibly tight time frame in order to capitalise on any winnings and withdraw them. You might think you're having a very good run on your favourite bingo games, but unless you achieve the wagering requirement within a certain time period (usually anywhere between 7 days and a month), any winnings accrued will be rendered void, and you'll be back to the starting block.

No Deposit Free Spins

If you prefer slot games as opposed to online bingo, no deposit free spin bonuses are probably the thing that will be looking for when joining a new online platform. Like bingo bonuses, the best free spin offers are usually reserved for first-time players and packaged as welcome bonuses. As with these offers, on the surface, they can seem incredibly lucrative, with potentially hundreds of spins up for grabs, just for signing up. However, those in-depth terms and conditions gain come into play which may limit your winning potential.

Free Spin Wagering Requirements

Pay special attention to see what the wagering requirement is for any free spin no deposit bonus you're interested in. You may think yourself lucky to be able to pocket 100 free spins at a new a new site, but you'll no doubt find yourself having to spin in excess of 25 times or more the amount of free spins received before you can attempt to withdraw any winnings built up. Even with Lady Luck on your, it will be difficult to achieve a cash win without laying down significant capital from your own deposit. As with bingo bonuses, tight time restrictions are also in place, forcing you to achieve these wagering restrictions quickly before winnings are rendered null and void. As I said previously, nothing is free without having to meet set terms and wagering conditions laid out for each free spin offer.

Choosing No Deposit Bonuses

Picking the right bingo site or casino to play and the best bonus for you is simple enough. Almost every place offering a no deposit bonus on bingo or slots aren't doing so for your benefit alone, so thoroughly read the terms and conditions, pay special attention to the wagering requirements to see which bingo and slot offers gives you the best edge. As a general rule, no deposit bingo bonuses are usually better value for players as they usually have clearer terms. No deposit spin bonuses on the casinos can be advantageous, but typically require a greater wager turnover or expense on your part.

So just to reiterate please read the T&Cs and understand the workings of the free no deposit bingo bonus before you play.