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Session Bingo is just like playing in your local bingo clubs but instead you play online or on mobile with UK bingo sites.

In Session Bingo all bingo players buy a book of bingo tickets for the same low-cost fixed-price for a set amount of games at certain times throughout the day. The rules of Session Bingo vary with the types of bingo games played and can be either 90, 75, 80 or a mixture. 

You can play Session Bingo with Bingo Sites listed below: 

✨ Bingo Sites with Session Bingo Online

✨ Session Bingo Sites

✨ What is Session Bingo Online?

Session Bingo online is similar to your local bingo club where members buy a set amount of bingo tickets (books) for the same price which play out at set times throughout the day. 

✨ How do I Play Session Bingo Online?

You can play Session bingo online with a select number of online bingo sites such as Jackpotjoy and Mecca Bingo.

The rules on how you play Session Bingo varies between each bingo site, but most sites  usually have four sessions which play out at selected times during the day for one low price. The bingo games you can play varies but can include a mixture of 90 ball, 75 ball and 80 ball bingo games.

✨ Bingo Sites with Session Bingo Online?

There are a handful of reputable online bingo sites with Session Bingo which you can play online and on mobile - these include: all Jackpotjoy Bingo sister sites. Not forgetting Mecca Bingo who have recently introduced Session Bingo games to their online bingo website, perfect for anyone who has ever played in the Bingo Clubs. 

✨ How long is a Bingo Session?

The length of time each bingo session last varies between each online bingo sites with Session Bingo for example Mecca Bingo has four hour-long sessions on the website throughout the day and the bingo tickets for the session games cost from £5 to £10, which is a bingo bargain!


✨ Gala Bingo and Buzz Bingo Session Bingo

We are still waiting for Gala Bingo and Buzz Bingo to introduce their own range of online session bingo games. If you are looking for Buzz Bingo Session times take a look at for the latest information on session times and prices.