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The Session Bingo room at Jackpotjoy.com brings you a bundle of 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo games for one low price. 

These Jackpotjoy Session Bingo games are cheaper than buying individual bingo tickets and allows you to experience different varieties of online bingo. 

There is plenty of fun to be had in the Session bingo chat rooms; enjoy chat games and quizzes in every online bingo session.

✨ Jackpotjoy Session Bingo
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✨ Jackpotjoy Session Bingo

✨ What is Jackpotjoy Session Bingo?

The Jackpotjotjoy Session Bingo games are great for those looking to play a fair game of bingo where everyone has equal odds of winning. In these games you buy a bundle of Bingo tickets for 15 different bingo games play out in the dedicated Jackpotjoy Session Bingo room. In this room you can enjoy a fun experience with a varied selection of 90 Ball, 80 Ball and 75 Ball games.

✨ How many games is a Bingo Session?

Every bingo session game at Jackpotjoy.com consists of 15 different bingo games which all play in the dedicated Session bingo room at selected times every day. Every session brings you a mixture of 90 ball, 80 ball and 75 ball bingo games. 

✨ Session Bingo Times at Jackpotjoy?

Jackpotjoy has four Bingo Sessions a day. These run are: 

  • Morning Session (10-11am)
  • Afternoon Session (3-4pm)
  • Evening Session (7-8pm)
  • Twilight Session (11pm-midnight)

✨ What is Super Session?

The first and last Bingo Session on Jackpotjoy.com will link together with the entire Gamesys bingo network to provide you with the chance of winning bigger prizes! These family of Jackpotjoy Bingo sites include  Jackpotjoy, Monopoly Casino and Virgin Games

The Super Session also has its own linked chat room and Progressive Jackpot which increases with every ticket purchased by all session bingo players across the Gamesys network.

✨ How to Buy Jackpotjoy Session Bingo Tickets?

You need to login to Jackpotjoy to access the room to buy session bingo tickets. The bingo room is available from the bingo lobby, if you are struggling to find it, then the quickest way to locate the Session Bingo room on Jackpotjoy.com is to type 'Session Bingo' in the search box on the homepage. 

You can buy Jackpotjoy session bingo tickets in advance, up to seven days before a bingo session. Simply tick the boxes on the game Schedule calendar for the game times you want to play, then click on 'Confirm' to purchase tickets. 

You will always have the maximum of tickets for each session. Everyone pays the same and has the same amount of tickets, so the odds are always the same for everyone, there is no way of increasing the odd making the games a level playing ground and fair for all.

✨ How Much is Session Bingo at Jackpotjoy Bingo?

A book of Bingo tickets for 15 games in each of the four bingo sessions costs just £5. (Prices may change, please see Jackpotjoy.com for the latest information). This low price deal reduces the cost of purchasing bingo tickets by up to 50%! 

✨ How Much Can I Win?

Just like most bingo games, the prizes are dependent on how many people are playing and purchased tickets for the games. Every ticket has the same chance of winning as everyone pays the same and has the same amount of tickets. Every game is generated by a Random Number Generator. Lets hope your ticket is the winning one!