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BeGambleAware - Responsible Gambling

Glitzy Bingo is dedicated to providing its visitors with a responsible gambling advertising environment. Not only is it our mission to provide our visitors with information and links to the most entertaining UK bingo and casino sites but it is also our duty to help raise awareness of compulsive usage and underage access of any advertised gaming products.

Below you'll find advice on how you can stay safe and responsible when gambling online as well as links to organisations should you require some further information or additional help should you feel that your gambling is becoming a problem.

Protection of Minors

In line with the Government of Gibraltar's Gaming Ordinance and UK Gambling Act, all of the UK gambling sites which we advertise do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to play on the site. Our partners actively discourage and track minors under the age of 18 who may attempt to play at the gaming website using sophisticated verification software which can identify anyone under age who logs in and tries to play.

Nevertheless, gaming companies also recognise that the internet is readily accessible in almost anywhere due to the increased use of desktop and mobile devices in the home and out and about.

As a result, gaming companies, advertisers and parents must work together to ensure the safety of children from the increased exposure to online gaming. We recommend installing computer filtering software to block minors from accessing certain websites and programs which may be cause for concern such as online gambling website.

Below are links to some such providers and software:

Tips for Parents

  • To ensure the safety of your youngsters try and not leave your children unattended near your computer or mobile device especially if they can easily access any gambling related activity.
  • Protect your gaming programs with a password which minors can not easily guess, and log out, clear cookies after every gaming session.
  • Do not allow any persons under 18 to participate in any gaming activity.
  • Educate your children about the legality and the potential damage of underage gaming.
  • Limit the length of time your children spend online on desktop or mobile.
  • Install filter software.

Unfortunately, no gaming site is foolproof. If you know anyone under the age of 18 who is registered with any gambling company, please notify the site in question.

The online gambling industry has exploded in popularity in the past decade, with the rise in the use of mobile and tablet devices which has transformed the way in which people play and gamble online.

Look for UK Gambling Sites that's Licensed

Before you sign up with a UK gambling website, take a look at the bottom of the gaming sites webpage to see if the UK Gambling Commission licenses it; if they do not then, it may not be safe or secure for UK players. All of the UK bingo, casino and gambling sites listed on Glitzy Bingo hold a UK Gambling Commission license.

Who is the UK Gambling Commission?

This organisation was set up as part of the Gambling Act of 2005, with the intention of regulating commercial gambling in Great Britain.

The UK Gambling Commission undertakes meticulous checks and investigations into commercial gambling entities before agreeing to license them, with licensing only happening when they deem that gambling is conducted fairly and openly, offers adequate protection for children and vulnerable individuals, and has enough checks in place to prevent gambling from benefiting criminal activity.

If you’re going to partake in gambling and want to do so at a gaming site that supports responsible gambling, look for the licensing indicator at the bottom of any page on any given betting, bingo or casino site.

Preventing Compulsive Gaming

While most people play for entertainment, a small number of players can become obsessed with the potential monetary gains from gambling.

Even though studies suggest that only a very small proportion of adults will encounter a compulsive gaming problem, licensed gaming sites take this matter extremely seriously and have implemented many measures to help address this issue.

All responsible online bingo, casino and gambling companies have a training program in place which incorporates methods and techniques that assist their employees in recognising and taking appropriate actions to identify compulsive or underage gaming problems that some of their players may be experiencing.

Sites have also implemented Account Restrictions, Self-Exclusion & "Take a Break tools for those who may need to either temporarily suspend their account for a set amount of time or permanently close their accounts. They also provide options for members to set yourself a deposit amount. Some sites may also have time reminder tools and autoplay limits.

Every licensed UK gambling website provides their players with a Responsible Gambling policy which details measures that their players can take to play their games responsibly. The policy is usually easy to find via a link at the bottom of the footer.

Always Read the Small Print

Some players may feel enticed by the lure of a welcome offer, but for those who struggle with gambling, some offers can potentially cause more harm than good.

Introductory welcome offers and promotions can be a launching pad for new players with cash match bonuses and offers which can help make the gaming experience last a little longer. But any type of promotional offer or bonus should never be seen as gaining free money. It is vital to always read the terms and conditions for every promotional offer for both new and existing members on each website before you spend real money.

Many promotional offers have certain terms attached; some require the bonus and/or deposit to be wagering x-amount of times, some are for specified games, and some may need a promotion code. There may also be a minimum withdrawal amount. Terms and Conditions and wagering requirements vary between each gaming site and can change frequently; this is one reason why we do not list all the welcome offers on this site so before you join any website just remember to read the small print!

Things to Remember

  • Gaming is a form of entertainment and not a way to get rich quickly and pay off your debts.
  • Gaming is a game of chance and there are no magic formulas which guarantee winnings.
  • Make sure it is your choice to gamble.
  • Never chase your losses.
  • Only spend what you can afford to lose.
  • Never Drink and Gamble.
  • Seek help if gambling starts to effect your every day life.
  • Keep minors away.
  • Read the Responsible Gambling Policy of each gaming website.
  • Always read the terms and conditions.

Advice and Help

If you think you may have a gambling problem which is affecting your day to day life and finances, please don't try and tackle this on your own, and keep in mind that you there is always someone that you can talk to.

If you suspect that you may have a gambling problem, please contact BeGambleAware® an administered and funded by an independent charity - the Responsible Gambling Trust operating as GambleAware by calling the National Gambling Help Line on freephone 0808 8020 133 (between the hours of 8am to midnight, 7 days a week) or visit the websites: begambleaware.org or gamcare.org.uk.

The following organisations can also help: