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✨ Happy Tiger Sister Sites & Similar:
The Best Sites!

Looking for Happy Tiger Sister Sites? This exciting new brand is so unique, with all games developed in-house. It has no Sister Sites, so finding similar sites will be a challenge.

Take a look below at our hand-picked selection of other sites from various operators that offer a like-for-like experience similar to Happy Tiger.

✨ Featured Sites like Happy Tiger...

✨ Best Sites like Happy Tiger

These are our suggested sites like Happy Tiger by various operators where you can play some bingo and games exclusive to each platform.

Jackpotjoy UK

Explore Jackpotjoy for vibrant bingo fun! Like Happy Tiger, enjoy both 75 and 90 ball games, plus daily unique games exclusive to Gamesys.

What's Similar: Both Jackpotjoy and Happy Tiger offer traditional 75 and 90 ball bingo games, catering to classic bingo enthusiasts. Each platform aims to enhance the player experience with unique, site-specific games and promotions.

What's Different? Jackpotjoy sets itself apart with daily exclusive games, which means new excitement every day.

Double Bubble Bingo

Launched in 2021, just like Happy Tiger, Double Bubble offers a fresh gaming experience.

What's Similar: Both Double Bubble and Happy Tiger were launched in 2021, bringing new energy and fresh gaming options to players. Each platform offers unique gaming experiences with a focus on player engagement and enjoyment.

What's Different: Double Bubble has many slots from different providers, while Happy Tiger provides its own unique games selection.

Heart Bingo

Discover Heart Bingo as a Fantastic Alternative to Happy Tiger! Both sites offer classic 75 and 90 ball bingo, but Heart Bingo brings a touch of radio charm to the mix.

What's Similar: Both offer classic 75 and 90 ball bingo games.

What's Different: Heart Bingo is part of the Heart Radio brand, enhancing its entertainment value.

Foxy Bingo

A good alternative to Happy Tiger is Foxy Bingo on the dynamic Entain platform.

What's Similar: Both Foxy Bingo and Happy Tiger feature the beloved 75 and 90 ball bingo formats.

What's Different: Foxy Bingo offers a diverse choice of exclusive bingo games, catering to players who crave variety and themed experiences.

Sun Bingo

Explore Sun Bingo: A Bright Alternative to Happy Tiger!

What's Similar: Both Sun Bingo and Happy Tiger offer the popular 75 and 90 ball bingo formats, complete with jackpot opportunities.

What's Different: Sun Bingo features unique games such as Winning Headlines and Mystic Meg, adding a layer of exclusive content that enriches the playing experience.

Mecca Bingo

Discover Mecca Bingo: A Prime Alternative to Happy Tiger! Like Happy Tiger!

What's Similar: Both Mecca Bingo and Happy Tiger offer exclusive games, creating unique and engaging experiences for their players.

What's Different: Mecca Bingo includes slots from various providers, expanding its gaming options beyond the bespoke games offered by Happy Tiger.

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✨ Happy Tiger : Exploring Sister Sites and Trustworthy Alternatives

Happy Tiger is a standout online gaming site in the UK, launched in 2021 and developed by the Danish company CEGO. It offers a distinctive mix of slots and bingo games crafted to provide a unique, casual gaming experience. What sets Happy Tiger apart is its emphasis on creative and exclusive games that are not available to play elsewhere. However, Happy Tiger has no sister sites in the UK, making it a unique gem in the online bingo and casino landscape.

Danish Connections: Happy Tiger Sister Sites

While Happy Tiger has no sister sites in the UK, it is part of a broader family of sites managed by CEGO that serve the Scandinavian market. These sites have the same games, but UK players can not play them:

  • Spilnu.dk: This is the flagship Danish site offering a variety of unique in-house developed slot games. It's known for its innovative approach to online gaming, providing an engaging and fun experience.
  • Lyckost.se: A Swedish site similar to Spilnu, Lyckost caters to the Swedish audience with games that follow the same creative and player-friendly ethos.

Exploring UK Alternatives to Happy Tiger

For UK players who enjoy Happy Tiger's unique style but are looking for similar sites to play unique games, several platforms offer diverse and exclusive bingo experiences:

How to Find Happy Tiger Sister Sites?

While Happy Tiger offers a unique and tailored gaming experience in the UK without direct sister sites, there are plenty of other options available for players looking for similar excitement and exclusivity in their bingo and slot games. Whether you are drawn to the cutting-edge technology of Playtech, the modern aesthetics of Pragmatic Play, or the diverse offerings of Entain and Gamesys, the UK online bingo scene has something to suit every taste. If you are still looking for Happy Tiger Sister Sites, keep checking this page, as we will keep you updated on any new developments or sister sites that might become available, ensuring you're always informed about the best places to play.