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Can you beat the banker? Find out with Deal or No Deal Slingo!

Based on everyone's favourite TV Game Show, Deal or No Deal Slingo created by Gaming Realms is a mixture of Slingo which you may have seen on a variety of slingo and bingo sites.

Unlock red boxes for the chance to beat the banker in hopes of winning a top £10,000 in cash!

Can you beat the mysterious banker and take home the ultimate jackpot? There’s only one way to find out: play Deal or No Deal Slingo!

Deal or No Deal Slingo

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Playing Deal or No Deal Slingo

Whether you have watched Deal or No Deal or not this Slingo variation is extremely easy to play.

Deal or No Deal Slingo slots game starts with you selecting a numbered red box, this box is your box, and if you get 4 slingos or more you will have the choice to open the box and take the prize or accept the bankers offer.

To begin select your game stake from -/+ buttons on the stake meter to the bottom left of your screen. Then hit the green Spin Button.

You get 10 Spins for your buck, during each spin, 5 numbers will show at the bottom of a 5 x 5 grid of red boxes. If a number matches one of the boxes on screen, the box will open and eliminate either blue or red cash prize.

Your aim is to get at least 4 Slingos during your 10 spins to reach the bankers offer and take home a prize. Getting a Slingo is the same as all other Slingo games. Opening 5 adjacent boxes (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) creates a Slingo.

Each Slingo after your 4th will multiply your stake, the amount multiplied is indicated on the screen. Get 11 Slingos, and you will win the full house x20.

After your initial 10 spins, you can choose to carry on playing with accumulated Free Spins or buy extra spins. The price of buying extra spins will be shown to you on the screen.

During each spin, you may encounter a few symbol features. Jokers act as wild symbols to open any box in the column they appear. The Super Jokers also wild open any box in the whole grid. Get a Free Spin, and you can play this at the end of the game. Meet the Devil, and he'll block potential matches on the grid.