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Don on your white Chef hat and apron and get ready to become a Star Baker with this flan-tastic Slingo Original - Baking Bonanza!

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Baking Bonanza

Slingo games are a mix of slots and bingo, and the theme in Baking Bonanza Slingo, cooked up by Slingo Originals, takes the player into the world of baking. If you have ever imagined yourself as a chef or if you enjoy making or even just eating sweet treats and desserts, then this could be the game for you.

You can choose from various bet amounts for each game. They start at £1 and increase to £10 depending on where you play. The initial cost of buying extra spins varies on the stake you chose for the game, so if you choose a lower stake, the cost of additional spins will start lower. If you continue to buy extra spins, then the cost increases as it does if you complete one recipe but want to carry on.

Your total stake for the game is shown underneath the collect button.

Game Features

In this tasty Slingo variant, the player can create five different recipes each time they Slingo. The five reels contain different baking ingredients, and if they land on an ingredient in one of the recipes, it is added to the recipe. The aim is to collect all necessary ingredients and complete the recipe.

Additional Spins

Each Baking Bonanza Slingo game consists of five spins; you can set your stake for each game. If the game finishes and you realise that you are close to completing a recipe, you can buy additional spins. If you manage to complete a recipe, it will show as baked. You can continue to buy additional spins to attempt to complete other recipes, but the price of the spins increases. Alternatively, you can end the game, collect your winnings and start a new game.

Bonus Round Games

Baking Bonanza has no bonus rounds, but you can vary the games by choosing different cakes to try and create. The ingredients vary for each recipe, and ones with rarer ingredients offer a bigger payout.

Similar Slingo Games

A huge range of Slingo games is available on many of the top casinos and bingo sites; if you are specifically looking for a cooking theme, then Baking Bonanza Slingo may be unique.


Baking Bonanza is a fun and lighthearted game to play. After each spin, cute phrases such as Butter Me Up appear below the reels. It also uses well-known phrases from The Great British Bake-Off, including Star Baker when you collect your winnings and Soggy Bottom if you lose a game.

The ability to change the cakes in each game stops it from becoming boring and means that a player can make a game more difficult. The game has a very attractive appearance with colourful graphics of the cakes that will leave you feeling a little peckish.

Ball TypeSlingo
RTP90.4% / 95.2%
Release Date2019
DeveloperSlingo Originals

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